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SOD – Helmet Cover

SOD Helmet Cover

SOD is an Italian company that combines the attention to detail of a fine Italian tailor with the needs of a Soldier.

SOD Helmet Cover - Top

Probably the first thing that everyone who sees SOD’s products notices are the little touches. In the picture you can clearly see that the velcro pile is Multicam.

SOD Helmet Cover - Goggle Retention Strap

Additionally, the goggle retention strap utilizes a brass fastener as well as Multicam print webbing.

SOD Helmet Cover - Front
These aren’t knock-offs of Crye’s designs, everything SOD does is a refinement of Crye Precision’s original styles. Those of you familiar with Crye’s Future Force Warrior helmet cover will recognize the reinforced material at the front of the cover. SOD produces kit for the Italian Special Operations Forces and constantly tweaks their products based on the operational experience of their customers.

SOD Helmet Cover - Pocket

SOD has also incorporated a pocket with dummy cord loop for battery packs and NOD counter-weights as well as channels for power cables.

In addition to the ever popular Multicam, most of SOD’s line is availabe in Tan as well as Vegetate Woodland and Desert camo patterns. This is truly the high end of Soldier Systems. If you appreciate well thought out equipment with the extra touch, then check out SOD.

They can be purchased from SOD.

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