Darn Tough Vermont Socks

Darn Tough

A relative newcomer to “tactical” hosiery, Darn Tough Vermont makes one heck of a sock. For over 30 years the Cabot Hosiery Mill in Northfield, Vermont has made socks, but for everybody else. Five years ago they decided to launch their own brand and within a year the “Darn Tough Vermont” brand hit the market. They immediately began to work with members of the military to develop socks that meet the unique demands that service members face each day.

They have a sock for everything from PT to mountainous cold weather environments. They have filled both individual as well as unit orders for both conventional as well as special operations forces of all services in addition to Federal law enforcement agencies.

Three components make Darn Tough Vermont socks stand out: premium quality yarns, exacting manufacturing standards, and unique knitting techniques. Merino wool is their material of choice. They can be worn in almost any climate and will keep the end user comfortable no matter how hard he sweats. Additionally, Merino is naturally anti-microbial, suppressing the growth of foot fungus, is warm even when wet, and naturally Flame Resistant. The consumer line is knit with 100% 21.5 fine gauge Merino wool from New Zealand but any of the socks can be manufactured to Berry compliance. For example, their Army Aviator sock on the RFI program is Berry Compliant as well as the Marine Corps sock.

When we spoke with Darn Tough Vermont they made an excellent point. The modern Soldier wears and carries over $11,000 worth of equipment. So why would you provide low-quality footwear? The foot is the foundation of the Warrior and our Warriors deserve the best.

Darn Tough Model 1466
Merino Wool Micro Crew Cushion

For more information contact Darn Tough Vermont. Additionally, the entire Darn Tough Vermont line is available on GSA.


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