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Off-Duty Part IV – Arborwear


We have been wearing Arborwear for years and we aren’t alone. Although designed for the arborist, their hard wearing clothes have had a cult following in the contractor community for quite some time. Additionally, they have been a favorite of military personnel who do not wear uniforms due to mission requirements. Some brands stand out in a crowd, Arborwear doesn’t.

The one place Arborwear does stand out, is in the fit department. The entire Arborwear line has a very distinctive fit and nothing else we have ever tried has been as comfortable. While other brands offer freedom of movement with stretch fabrics, Arborwear does it with design. Their trousers all have a large gusset which was designed to ensure freedom of movement for lumberjacks who spent a great deal of time climbing trees. Additionally, unlike some brands, Arborwear takes great pains to ensure a consistent fit between styles as well as production runs.

Arborwear Tech Pants
Arborwear Tech Pants

In particular, we prefer the Tech Pant, a cargo style work trouser. They are offered in three colors: Forest Green, Driftwood, and Dark Grey. Although many would feel the Forest Green color is a bit deep for most applications, the Driftwood resembles Flat Dark Earth and blends in well with many other earth tones. Unfortunately, the Dark Grey is almost Black and picks up a great deal of lint due to the soft fabric so they may not be the best color for tactical applications. The Tech Pants have a soft hand and are very comfortable. You wouldn’t know that they were made from Nylon. The Tech Pant is the trouser of choice for range work around Soldier Systems Blog. However, the entire line is made up of the most comfortable and durable work clothing we have found.

For more information contact Arborwear. Additionally, AFMO has Arborwear on GSA.


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