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S.O.Tech Tactical Symbology

At the recent Trexpo East exposition near Dulles International Airport in Virginia, Special Operations Technologies showed their new Tactical Symbology system. Mil-Std 2525A military symbology really only goes down to the squad level and there is no standardized system for military and law enforcement to depict individuals during sand table exercises. Based on Mil Std 2525, the S.O.Tech symbology goes one step further toward the increased granularity of information required for tactical ops at the micro level, say conducting a vehicle checkpoint or clearing a room. Whenever possible they utilized standardized symbols but created new, intuitive symbols where none existed. Additionally, they extended the concept to support LE operations.

S.O.Tech Tactical Symbology

The idea sprang actually from another initiative. S.O.Tech developed a set of patches to designate the specialties of both individuals and their equipment. They are available for Leader, Assaulter, Sniper, Breacher, and Medic. EOD is under development. The patches are embroidered and backed with Velcro. Additionally, the patch features a tab that allows it to be attached via 550 or cable tie to bags or other items. S.O.Tech also offers T-shirts and ball caps featuring the copyrighted symbols.

S.O.Tech Tactical Symbology
The symbols depicted above are: (Clockwise from top left) Sniper, Leadership, Medic, Assaulter.
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