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Probably the most interesting product I saw at the Outdoor Retailer Summer market was a survival product called the AeroVest. manufactured by SolaTec, the AeroVest made from a lightweight metalized polyethylene, a material similar to a space blanket.
This is so it is not only durable but will reflect your body heat back towards you. Unlike a standard space blanket it is designed specifically to be worn and also utilizes trapped air as an additional insulation layer.


The 2 oz AeroVest comes standard in Orange but custom runs can be made in any color scheme. At OR they displayed an AeroVest made in UCP. Considered a one time use item it is only because it is difficult to get all of the air out of it once the 18 pockets are inflated. To inflate simply put the AeroVest on loosely, insert the straw provided with the vest into one of the two slots near the neck in the same manner as a juice pouch and blow (2 – 5 breaths) into the straw to inflate the vest. Repeat on the other side. You can remove the straw because the material is self-sealing. Small tears can be easily repaired with tape.


One size fits most and they mean it. The front opening is closed by a resealable adhesive that is good for about 30 closures. Of course use in an extremely dirty environment will reduce the number of times it will adhere.

AeroVest is made in the USA.

For more information contact AeroVest.

Diagram is property of AeroVest.

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