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Kifaru Launches 2009 G2 Line

Kifaru, manufacturers of specialized military packs release their Generation 2 (G2) line today. Kifaru has not raised prices in nearly three years but increasing costs for materials and transportation have forced them to revise their price tags. However, they are upgrading their line’s features in order to help soften the impact. Those familiar with Kifaru products will get the most from this report and I encourage readers who have not taken a look at Kifaru to check out their website.

Overall Changes
Across the board, they have made several improvements including use of thicker, dual density foam lumbar pads, featuring their anti-slip PackLock technology as well as providing velcro patches on the packs for removable tags. Additionally, all of the packs, except for the Tailgunner waist packs, will now come with an interior hang loop for water reservoirs. Finally, they have switched over to ITW Quick Release shoulder strap buckles on most of the packs to eliminate strap slippage.

Omni Suspension Packs
With the exception of the Tailgunner and Scout waist packs all Omni Suspension packs will have external, raised torso pads, along with new anatomical dual density foam lumbar pads using Kifaru’s anti-slip PackLock material. The Tailgunner will also feature just the anatomical foam lumbar pad with the PackLock material.

Armor Grip
In addition to the numerous upgrades made to individual packs, Kifaru is also releasing two packs incorporating their new Patent Pending Armor Grip technology; the AG1 and AG2.

Kifaru Armor Grip Kifaru Armor Grip

Armor Grip was developed to facilitate carrying heavy loads when wearing armor while mitigating pack sway. The torso pads are stowable and can be rolled out and secured to the sides of the frame, which create rigid stabilizers that cup around the armor. There is no need for torso pads when wearing armor, so by rolling them to the outside, the pack/frame can now ride even closer to your back. If you’re not using armor, just roll the torso pads back down onto the frame, where they use a velcro attachment system. Both of these packs use the same 24″ Duplex frame with the Armor Grip.

Kifaru AG 1
The AG1 pack uses a Navigator type bag, with almost all the same features as the Navigator, and the same capacity of 4000ci.

Kifaru AG2
The AG2 pack uses an EMR bag that is 2″ shorter, and it has a capacity of 6500ci.

New Look
In conjunction with the new product launch they are also unveiling a new look for their website which incorporates drop down menus in order to improve navigation. Additionally, the hunting line is also receiving the upgrade and will be launched next week.

Kifaru packs are made in the USA and come in Coyote, OD, Foliage, Black, as well as UCP and Multicam at a slight additional charge.

Be sure to visit Kifaru to check out all of the enhancements to their line.


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