Grey Group Training Poised to Launch New Site

Grey Group Training LLC is launching their newly reimagined web store on June 1st. In addition to the new web site, they have already added a new shipping facility as well as dedicated Customer Service Representatives. The intent of the totality of these enhancements is to improve the customer’s experience, whether tracking the status of an order from the office or asking technical questions when down-range. The new web store will features increased speed and performance, better, user-friendly navigation and search, real-time stock status, and a massively expanded product line. And we do mean massive.

Grey Group has always worked hard with their industry partners to bring the newest and best products to the end user. At Soldier Systems we are very excited about what we have seen. Grey Group will be debuting “Black Palm Syndicate” Apparel as well as a new run of knives from Kiku Matsuda. Additionally, there are scores of new products from such industry icons as Salomon, KÜHL, Mayflower Research and Consulting, and Smith Eyewear.

Look for the new web experience at on June 1st.


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