New Austrian Camo

The Austrian military has joined the digital camo craze. Two patterns, one for woodland environments and another for desert have been developed. The patterns are similar in appearance with the exception of colorways. Both incorporate wide stripes with digital patterns in the foreground. Uniforms in the new patterns will be issued to Austrian troops deploying abroad on peacekeeping operations. Additional reports indicate that they will also be issued to the Austrian Jagdkommando, an Austrian Special Forces unit.

Austrian President

In a recent visit to the Heeresbekleidunganstalt (sort of an Austrian equivalent of Natick), the Austrian President received a briefing on the two new patterns.

Feldanzug 75

However, the average Austrian Soldat will continue to wear the Feldanzug 75 in braungrau (Brown Gray), simple fatigue uniform first introduced into service in 1975.

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