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Blasters Welcome

Friday, March 22nd, 2013


If you are blaster friendly, this new sticker developed by Righteous Duke for Grey Group is just thing for you.

Here at Grey Group we are firm believers that an Armed Society is a Polite Society. Also we believe that Gun Free Zones which disarm Citizens makes them Sheep, and easier prey for Wolves. This inspired the newest decal from Grey Group, Blasters Welcome. Show your support of an Armed Citizenry and proudly display your Blasters Welcome. The decal measures approximately 3.5″x9″. If you are in the Ft Bragg area, we welcome you to come and see what the decals look like on the doors, and to proudly, lawfully, and responsibly carry your Blaster while you are here.

New Wilcox Ind L4 Mounts in Stock at Grey Group

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013


The new L4 Mount from Wilcox Industries is now in stock at Greay Group. This is the same skeletonized, 3-hole style as on the Team Wendy EXFIL but optimized for the geometry of the ACH. Available with or without retractable lanyard.

Coolest Christmas Present Ever

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

The guys at Grey Group Training really outdid themselves this time. Their Christmas Stocking comes packed with tactical goodness and the contents are selected based on the amount you specify. This is a really good deal. According to GGT, “Each stocking will be up to a 50% discount from retail for the items included for your purchase price, so whether you are using it for a great gift selected by the professionals or a holiday grab bag at a great price for yourself, pick one up today for the holidays.”

**Picture is example only**

The stocking is MultiCam and Grey Group says that they reserve the right to randomly hook up Christmas Stockings with crazy extra gifts.

Grey Group In The Heavyweight Champions Corner At UFC 121

Friday, October 29th, 2010

This from our friends at Grey Group. Simply awesome…

This past weekend brought the UFC a new Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez. If you watched the fight it was one hell of a bout, with Cain dominating his opponent Brock Lesnar for the fast win. Grey Group was represented at the fight by the legendary trainer Dave Camarillo. Dave was sporting the Grey Group colors with pride in the Team Velasquez corner. We cannot express how proud we are of Cain’s accomplishment, and the amazing job his team and Dave did to train him for such an amazing performance in the octagon. Congratulations and thanks go out to Cain and Dave.

Grey Group Training Poised to Launch New Site

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Grey Group Training LLC is launching their newly reimagined web store on June 1st. In addition to the new web site, they have already added a new shipping facility as well as dedicated Customer Service Representatives. The intent of the totality of these enhancements is to improve the customer’s experience, whether tracking the status of an order from the office or asking technical questions when down-range. The new web store will features increased speed and performance, better, user-friendly navigation and search, real-time stock status, and a massively expanded product line. And we do mean massive.

Grey Group has always worked hard with their industry partners to bring the newest and best products to the end user. At Soldier Systems we are very excited about what we have seen. Grey Group will be debuting “Black Palm Syndicate” Apparel as well as a new run of knives from Kiku Matsuda. Additionally, there are scores of new products from such industry icons as Salomon, KÜHL, Mayflower Research and Consulting, and Smith Eyewear.

Look for the new web experience at on June 1st.

New Headset from MSA

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

The Sordin Supreme Pro Neckband is the latest in MSA’s highly successful line of active hearing protection. Just like the Supreme Pro it is still powered by two AAA batteries contained in the same waterproof battery compartment and those two batteries offer around 600 hours of use. There is also an auxiliary jack for 3.5mm plugs and yes it will accommodate an iPod. The low profile head strap is adjustable for both height and tension. The cables are behind the neck so they don’t interfere with helmet wear like more traditional headset designs.

I have been wearing them a lot recently and they do not cause headaches like other systems I have used in the past. They fit well; whether worn alone, with a cap, or under a helmet.
MSA Supreme Pro Neckband HeadsetMSA Supreme Pro Neckband Headset-RearMSA Supreme Pro Neckband Headset with TC2001

These and all MSA products are available from Grey Group Training