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SOCOM Develops Combat Uniform

Scott Jones, owner of Beyond Tactical recently posted an interesting story about his role in the development of the new PCU Level 9 Tactical Uniform. According to his account posted here they assembled a team of 20 “true” Medium sized Special Operators at Ready One, a NISH soft goods manufacturer who has previously produced other levels of PCU as well as “Bruce from Anthrotech, Cyndi Davis from Patagonia”, and Scott Jones. They put the team through an entire series of scenarios including range work and physical tasks to check the function of the uniform prototypes.

The uniforms will be produced commercially by Beyond Tactical and for contract by Source One.

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  1. […] All info in this report comes from Scott Jones of Beyond Tactical. He has posted what is the first published picture of prototypes of the new uniform we reported on earlier in the month. […]