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No Melt, No Drip Performance Tees

New from Cocona Fabrics in partnership with ADS is a no melt, no drip performance T-shirt. The concept is fairly new and intended to provide a lower cost alternative to FR performance Tees. This new undershirt is manufactured from fibers containing carbon from coconut shells. Originally, Cocona technology was designed as a coating for a Chemical Defense program to adsorb (Adsorbance is the addition of a molecule to a surface of a molecule) chemical agents into the carbon pores so that they would not come into contact with the user’s skin. Now, the technology provides evaporative cooling, odor management and UV protection (50 UPF wet or dry). What’s more Cocona fabrics are “green” using activated carbon made from recycled coconut shells. By using natural ingredients incorporated into yarns and fibers, there are no harsh chemicals or topical treatments to irritate the skin. Additionally, the no melt, no drip properties associated with this natural fiber make it an excellent candidate for those who face the threat of exposure to blast and fire. Cocona fabrics are used in over 65 outdoor and sporting good brands and ADS has produced a limited number of undershirts in Sand. Other clothing products are already in the works. I received one of the undershirts and my initial impression is that it is just as comfortable as combed cotton. I will keep you updated on how the shirt holds up to repeated wear and launderings. At half the price of an FR T-shirt, the comfort of natural fibers, and performance normally associated with synthetics, it looks like a winner to me.

For more information on the fabric visit and those interested in the garment should contact ADS.


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