TYR Tactical

M203 Grips

U.S. Tactical Supply offers a line of M203 grips for those that want a similar feel to their standard M16/M4 with rail and foregrip. There are currently three models; Battery handle, Classic Handle, and Tactical Handle. Additionally, they offer a Tactical Light Module with optional Mandrel. All three handles attach to the M203 by clamping around the barrel. No tools are needed. The locking ratchet system works by turning the handle which closes the clamps around the M203 40mm barrel and locks the grip. The locking system is disengaged by pushing a button.

M203 Grip Handles Compared
This photo shows a comparison of the various grips to an issue foregrip. (l-r Tactical, Classic, Battery)

The M203 grips are manufactured by RM Equipment, Inc. and CNC machined from Dupont Delrin ® that combines acetal resin and thermo-elastomers. What is even more interesting is that the grips can also be configured for use directly on a MilStd 1913 rail by swapping out the clamp for the Rail Grip.

U.S. Tactical Supply has information on the entire line of M203 grips on their website and they offer the grips on their GSA schedule.


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