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M203 Grips

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

U.S. Tactical Supply offers a line of M203 grips for those that want a similar feel to their standard M16/M4 with rail and foregrip. There are currently three models; Battery handle, Classic Handle, and Tactical Handle. Additionally, they offer a Tactical Light Module with optional Mandrel. All three handles attach to the M203 by clamping around the barrel. No tools are needed. The locking ratchet system works by turning the handle which closes the clamps around the M203 40mm barrel and locks the grip. The locking system is disengaged by pushing a button.

M203 Grip Handles Compared
This photo shows a comparison of the various grips to an issue foregrip. (l-r Tactical, Classic, Battery)

The M203 grips are manufactured by RM Equipment, Inc. and CNC machined from Dupont Delrin ® that combines acetal resin and thermo-elastomers. What is even more interesting is that the grips can also be configured for use directly on a MilStd 1913 rail by swapping out the clamp for the Rail Grip.

U.S. Tactical Supply has information on the entire line of M203 grips on their website and they offer the grips on their GSA schedule.

Wilcox Industries Modular Fire Control System

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Wilcox Industries

With this sight, Wilcox has combined the simplicity of the leaf sight with a laser range finder and anti-cant device. Due to the flight characteristics of currently fielded 40MM rounds even small aiming errors are amplified into big misses. Additionally, environmental conditions such as barometric pressure and temperature as well as the inclination of the weapon system can have a significant impact on the range to target, and ultimately accuracy.

Wilcox Modular Fire Control System

The Wilcox Modular Fire Control System (FCS) is designed for use with the HK GLM (M320) as well as both the Colt M203 9” QD and 12” Barrels. The FCS Laser Gimbal automatically articulates the aiming laser to indicate the proper weapon elevation necessary to match the trajectory of 40mm grenade in flight to hit its intended target when the operator lases the target. After establishing the actual range to target, the ballistic computer takes real time data from built-in sensors and gives the shooter the additional capability of establishing a more accurately compensated range to target, designated as “Ballistic Range”, for a first round hit capability. The Ballistic Range Indicator blinks, indicating a good fix of the target. The grenadier can then verify by touching the remote pressure pad. Pressing a second time rotates the Laser Gimbal and articulates the Aiming Laser to the proper angle to engage the target. The grenadier then simply aligns the laser to the target and fires. A double tap cancels the process to start over. This complete operation can be accomplished in a couple of seconds.

Wilcox Industries Modular Fire Control System

Note the integral leaf sight designed by H&K with 50m graduated increments.

A mode selection knob found at the bottom right of the control panel allows the operator to select from eight possible modes of operation:
– IR Laser High with Range Finder
– IR Laser Low with Range Finder
– IR Laser Low Only
– IR Laser High Only
– Visible Laser and Range Finder
– Visible Laser Only
– Range Finder Only
– Off

The details are awesome. Even the objective lens of the FCS features an anti-reflective coating shrouded with Tenebraex honey comb for off angle flash protection. Naturally it mounts to any Mil-Std-1913 rails and is fastened via two thumb nuts. It weighs in under 20 oz and is waterproof to 1.5m. It is powered by a single CR123 but we do not have any date on battery life yet. The Modular Fire Control System comes standard in Black but may be special ordered in Tan.

For more information and a list of retailers contact Wilcox Industries.

All photos courtesy Wilcox Industries.