SIG Sauer Academy

OR Part IV

Murdock Webbing Company. Inc.

Murdock Webbing's New Multicam Elastic

Murdock featured their Jacquard woven digital camo webbing as well as elastic. The new Multicam elastic is fantastic and they have begun to integrate company logos into the design.

Full details are available at

Watershed Maritime Tactical Products

Watershed MTP Patrol Pack

Watershed Maritime Tactical Products has a great lineup of waterproof bags, packs, and pack liners that are on issue to US forces. They recently added Multicam to their offerings of Coyote, Foliage, and Black.

Watershed MTP/Granite Tactical Collaboration

Watershed also unveiled a collaboration with Granite Gear. The new waterproof packs combines Granite Gear’s popular suspension with a Watershed MTP Kodiak Pack.

Exum Mountain Guides

Exum Mountain Guides was walking the show and discussing their XMS3 (Exum Mountain Systems Safety Survival) course offerings. They provide several standard courses including multi-day mountain movement and avalanche training. Visit for more information.

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