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SHOT Show 18 – Murdock Webbing

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Murdock Webbing displayed their jacquard weave bungee webbing (above) and variable width weave webbing (below) which is great for slings.

Both products are made to order by

Murdock Webbing To Exhibit At SHOT Show

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Murdock Jacquard Webbing

Friday, January 13th, 2017

Here’s a little background on Murdock Webbing and their Jacquard weave.

SHOT Show – Biothane Belt

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

So I’m in the Murdock Webbing booth when I spy a belt made from their Jacquard webbing in Kryptek Mandrake, treated with Biothane. I remarked that I didn’t realize there was Biothane webbing that thin. Then, the guys from Austrialpin added their Vobra buckle to the mix and we had a new concept for a belt.

The belt is not available, but the stuff to make it is.  

SHOT Show – Murdock Webbing

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Murdock webbing continues to impress with their variable width, jacquard weave webbing.


It’s available as soon as you place an order because each run is custom, based on the customer’s needs.

SHOT Show – Murdock Webbing

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

SuperFlo SafetT Systems recently came to Murdock Webbing asking for an FR Kevlar webbing with Neoprene that would pass the vertical burn test. Murdock answered the call and the resulting product is the Bunker Boot Mate.


The Bunker Boot Mate was created for use by Firefighters. It’s essentially an instep strap used to keep a Firefighter’s pants from riding up in the case he falls through a floor or crawling. Durable and FR? Sounds like something Soldiers could use when wearing FR combat clothing.

Murdock Webbing Unveils Kryptek Line

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Murdock Webbing is now officially licensed to offer jacquard woven webbing in the popular Kryptek family of camouflage patterns and they look great.

Murdock Webbing 1

Murdock uses specialized jacquard looms that weaves the camouflage pattern directly into the webbing. This not only provides a durable, double-sided product in the webbing, but also meets or surpasses all performance requirements for A-A-55301 Berry Compliant mil-spec webbing.

Murdock Kryptek

Murdock Webbing’s jacquard webbing can be ordered in standard widths of .75″, 1″, 1.5″, and 2″, with custom widths and weights available upon request. Highlander and Mandrake webbing are currently available, with Typhon and Yeti colorways in development, and to be released soon.

Murdock Webbing Introduces New Patterns and Products

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

As far as I’m concerned, Murdock has become synonymous with Jacquard weave webbing. They offer a durable, double-sided webbing solution that is Berry compliant with the camouflage pattern not printed on, but rather woven into the webbing. And now, they’ve introduced not only new patterns to their line, but additional products as well.


Available camouflage patterns include:

-MultiCam: Rigid, Elastic, Bungee, and two belt weight constructions. New Heavy Duty Gun Holster with exposed rubber in development.

-AOR1 & AOR2: Rigid. Elastic and AOR2 Heavy Duty Gun Holster with exposed rubber in development.

-Realtree: Hardwoods, AP, Max 4, Hardwoods Blaze, Pink.

-A-Tacs: AU & FG rigid.

-OCP: Rigid in development, Multicam alternative for D.O.D. contracts.

-UCP Digital: Rigid, Bungee, Elastic.

-MTP: Rigid.

Rigid webbing meets or exceeds the specifications for AA55301 and are available in 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm. Custom widths and weights are available upon request.

Murdock also offers these additional options:

-Nanosphere: Murdock Webbing is the exclusive narrow fabric company to offer Schoeller’s NanoSphere technology. NanoSphere repels water and dirt to create a self-cleaning finish and enhance durability.

-FR: Their FR elastic webbing passes APEL specifications using the rigorous ASTM 6413 vertical burn test method.

-Silicone: Multiple applications of silicone are available and are applied in-house.

-Monster Edge: Innovated at Murdock, Monster Edge significantly increases the useful life of sling and tie down webs at a competitive price while still providing ease of sewing.

-Durability: The jacquard woven construction has proven to be very abrasion resistant in repeated laboratory tests. Even after 2000 abrasion cycles, patterns are still intact. In the field this translates directly to an end product that remains effective, in terms of camouflage concealment and functionality, for a very long period of time.

-IR: MultiCam, AOR1 and AOR2 rigid webbing meet all NIR requirements established by Natick, and have been approved by a government certified lab.

As noted above, Murdock is currently still in development of UK MTP pattern and US Army OCP Four color design as well as holster material, but only small fine tune adjustments are left before releasing them.

The A-TACS AU and FG, as well as the AOR1, and the MultiCam belt weights are approved.

Please contact Ray Clarke, VP of Sales, at 1 (800) 375 2052 x3014 or for samples and price quotes.

Be sure to visit Murdock Webbing Co at SHOT Show in booth #8307.