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ATS Tactical Litelok Hydration Carrier

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012


Manufactured from Duro’s Litelok, this new hydration carrier from ATS Tactical also utilizes jacquard webbing from Murdock Webbing and Velcro brand MultiCam printed material. Even with all of that, this 3 liter hydration reservoir carrier weighs a scant 3-7/8 ounces. Available in MultiCam, Made in USA and sporting the ATS Tactical lifetime guarantee.


Tactical Tailor Incorporates MultiCam Jacquard Webbing and Elastic

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Tactical Tailor has just begun to integrate MultiCam Jacquard webbing and elastic into their 40mm belts, large radio and small radio pouches.

Murdock Webbing produces Jacquard weave webbing in MultiCam as well as a couple of other patterns. The camouflage is actually woven into the webbing rather than dyed. Due to its construction it is a little stiffer and thicker. It also grips buckles more than printed webbing. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on the application and your preference. Overall, I much prefer the Jacquard product as it retains the camo effect much longer than print.


ATS Tactical Suspenders in Jacquard Webbing

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

This is the first sample from ATS Tactical of their suspenders manufactured with Murdock Webbing‘s excellent Jacquard weave webbing in MultiCam. Unlike traditional printed webbing, the pattern is woven into the webbing so it won’t fade. Additionally, buckles give a little more bite into the pattern’s weave. The webbing blends in almost seamlessly with MutiCam fabric as you can see in this photo.

The suspenders themselves are a low profile affair, adjustable for length, designed to fit comfortably under armor and work in conjunction with the ATS War Belt.

Although this is the first product ATS has done in this material they tell us that more is on the way.


Murdock Webbing Introduces MultiCam Jacquard Weave Webbing

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Murdock Webbing has been officially licensed by Crye Precision to offer jacquard woven Multicam webbing. Using specialized jacquard looms the camouflage pattern is integrated directly into the web creating a durable, quality product. It meets or surpasses all of the performance requirements for AA55301 and is offered in standard widths of .75″, 1″, 1.5″, and 2″. Additionally, custom widths and weights are available upon request.

You can barely see the webbing overlayed on a sheet of MultiCam fabric. This is a good thing. The pattern is so well executed that it blends right in unlike the Government pattern webbing introduced earlier this year.

The double-sided jacqaurd woven MultiCam webbing meets all NIR requirements established by Natick, and has been approved by a government certified lab.

In addition to looking great, there is an added benefit to the jacquard woven construction. It has proven to be very abrasion resistant in repeated laboratory tests, maintaining the integrity of the MultiCam design even after 1000s of cycles on an abrasion machine. This means the pattern is going to last you the lifetime of the product.

Additionally, the weave can really hold a buckle or clip in place. Murdock Webbing feels that this could be the single most important function of webbing as it relates to a military pack or carrying system. We agree. There is nothing worse than webbing that needs constant adjustment due to slippage.

What’s more, Murdock Webbing is the exclusive narrow fabric company to offer Schoeller’s NanoSphere technology. NanoSphere repels water and dirt to create a self-cleaning finish and enhance durability. They also also offer a silicone application that they apply in-house. Either of these treatments will protect the webbing and prevent water absorption to keep weight down when conditions get rough.

Murdock Webbing has been an approved supplier to the military since the early 1960s and has been a force in industry since 1936. Their mill is ANSI/ASQC ISO9001 certified and manufactures products that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

So, to sum this article up. Looks good? Check. Abrasion Resistant? Check. Grippy for Buckles? Check. Added Bonus – Inexpensive.

Murdock’s MultiCam webbing is woven right here in the United States and is Berry Amendment Compliant. Please contact Ray Clarke, VP of Sales, at 1 (800) 375 2052 x3014 or [email protected] for free prototyping quantities as well as a price quote.


OR Part IV

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Murdock Webbing Company. Inc.

Murdock Webbing's New Multicam Elastic

Murdock featured their Jacquard woven digital camo webbing as well as elastic. The new Multicam elastic is fantastic and they have begun to integrate company logos into the design.

Full details are available at www.murdockwebbing.com.

Watershed Maritime Tactical Products

Watershed MTP Patrol Pack

Watershed Maritime Tactical Products has a great lineup of waterproof bags, packs, and pack liners that are on issue to US forces. They recently added Multicam to their offerings of Coyote, Foliage, and Black.

Watershed MTP/Granite Tactical Collaboration

Watershed also unveiled a collaboration with Granite Gear. The new waterproof packs combines Granite Gear’s popular suspension with a Watershed MTP Kodiak Pack.

Exum Mountain Guides

Exum Mountain Guides was walking the show and discussing their XMS3 (Exum Mountain Systems Safety Survival) course offerings. They provide several standard courses including multi-day mountain movement and avalanche training. Visit www.exumguides.com for more information.