ATS Tactical Suspenders in Jacquard Webbing

This is the first sample from ATS Tactical of their suspenders manufactured with Murdock Webbing‘s excellent Jacquard weave webbing in MultiCam. Unlike traditional printed webbing, the pattern is woven into the webbing so it won’t fade. Additionally, buckles give a little more bite into the pattern’s weave. The webbing blends in almost seamlessly with MutiCam fabric as you can see in this photo.

The suspenders themselves are a low profile affair, adjustable for length, designed to fit comfortably under armor and work in conjunction with the ATS War Belt.

Although this is the first product ATS has done in this material they tell us that more is on the way.

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One Response to “ATS Tactical Suspenders in Jacquard Webbing”

  1. steve says:

    Not that I completely care about multicam fading, but it’s good to see something being done that should have been there right outta the gate.