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Murdock Webbing Introduces MultiCam Jacquard Weave Webbing

Murdock Webbing has been officially licensed by Crye Precision to offer jacquard woven Multicam webbing. Using specialized jacquard looms the camouflage pattern is integrated directly into the web creating a durable, quality product. It meets or surpasses all of the performance requirements for AA55301 and is offered in standard widths of .75″, 1″, 1.5″, and 2″. Additionally, custom widths and weights are available upon request.

You can barely see the webbing overlayed on a sheet of MultiCam fabric. This is a good thing. The pattern is so well executed that it blends right in unlike the Government pattern webbing introduced earlier this year.

The double-sided jacqaurd woven MultiCam webbing meets all NIR requirements established by Natick, and has been approved by a government certified lab.

In addition to looking great, there is an added benefit to the jacquard woven construction. It has proven to be very abrasion resistant in repeated laboratory tests, maintaining the integrity of the MultiCam design even after 1000s of cycles on an abrasion machine. This means the pattern is going to last you the lifetime of the product.

Additionally, the weave can really hold a buckle or clip in place. Murdock Webbing feels that this could be the single most important function of webbing as it relates to a military pack or carrying system. We agree. There is nothing worse than webbing that needs constant adjustment due to slippage.

What’s more, Murdock Webbing is the exclusive narrow fabric company to offer Schoeller’s NanoSphere technology. NanoSphere repels water and dirt to create a self-cleaning finish and enhance durability. They also also offer a silicone application that they apply in-house. Either of these treatments will protect the webbing and prevent water absorption to keep weight down when conditions get rough.

Murdock Webbing has been an approved supplier to the military since the early 1960s and has been a force in industry since 1936. Their mill is ANSI/ASQC ISO9001 certified and manufactures products that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

So, to sum this article up. Looks good? Check. Abrasion Resistant? Check. Grippy for Buckles? Check. Added Bonus – Inexpensive.

Murdock’s MultiCam webbing is woven right here in the United States and is Berry Amendment Compliant. Please contact Ray Clarke, VP of Sales, at 1 (800) 375 2052 x3014 or [email protected] for free prototyping quantities as well as a price quote.


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7 Responses to “Murdock Webbing Introduces MultiCam Jacquard Weave Webbing”

  1. MarkM says:

    And soon to come, custom woven name tapes.

    Well, the quantities required mean they will be in the 1,000’s – but why not? Embroidered tapes are nice, woven tapes are the standard for mass production – and they, too would maintain their color fastness without fading or degradation.

    The “ARMY” tapes would be a no-brainer, they’ve been made that way for decades, rank insignia would be nice to have. Like it or not, most of active duty is garrison, and the game goes on. Skill identifiers, and major command patches, too, just make them all a standard webbing width, heat seal the edges, attach, move on.

    CNC makes it happen, CNC makes it easy. It could possibly even be woven into a hook (and loop) tape making it less bulky.

    Velcro + Crye = Happy Soldier. Lets see, 100,000s of soldiers, 6-8 tapes a piece, about 1 million to start just with “Army.” That machine is paid for right there in one year.

    When you get your investment back that fast, people line up and throw money at you to be part of it.

  2. Johnny B says:

    I, like many, have thought it counterproductive to have outstanding patts that are immedeiately overlayed with circular, rectangular, and square straps and tabs in solid colors, thereby disrupting the patt. It’s amazinghow fast the eye is drawn to this inconsitencies in patt and geometirc shapes. this strapping looks freakin’ awesome. Now if they could just do the same in MARPAT.

  3. Whokka says:

    Any chance they will make an FR rated webbing tape in multicam?? Ideal for the IEd threat/ aviation environment!!!

  4. Administrator says:



    The tape is attached to the exterior of armor vests and other platforms. There was a big movement toward FR fabrics for OCIE, until everyone looked at the cost and asked, “why?”

  5. Daggertx says:

    This webbing appears to solve all the problems with previous attempts at MC webbing namely: webbing darker than fabric, printing faded quickly with use, absorbed dirt, expensive…

    looks like a great solution.

  6. Old Paratrooper says:

    That photo is amazing. I can barely see the webbing.

  7. RI Clarke says:

    The webbing was designed to perform and to give our warfighters the best protection possible with a better price point. AOR2 is available, AOR1 is in devlopment and MARPAT can be developed as well, challenge us, it makes us better.

    We addressed and solved current problems with this web and it will perform while meeting all specifications.