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SHOT Show – Murdock Webbing

SuperFlo SafetT Systems recently came to Murdock Webbing asking for an FR Kevlar webbing with Neoprene that would pass the vertical burn test. Murdock answered the call and the resulting product is the Bunker Boot Mate.


The Bunker Boot Mate was created for use by Firefighters. It’s essentially an instep strap used to keep a Firefighter’s pants from riding up in the case he falls through a floor or crawling. Durable and FR? Sounds like something Soldiers could use when wearing FR combat clothing.


2 Responses to “SHOT Show – Murdock Webbing”

  1. Andrew says:

    Interesting concept, but these seem like they would create more problems then they help prevent. Sometimes you want your bunkers to raise up to get more mobility (going out a window). Also the way these connect, they snap into existing snaps that hold the liner of your bunkers to the shell, if you were to apply too much force you will rip that snap off your pants. Lastly, as far as added protection goes, I have 16″ boots on, the last time I put my foot through a staircase, my pants comming up was my last concern.

    Like I said cool concept, maybe they would have better Mil/Leo applications since normal pants already provide for better mobility.

    • Mark G says:

      Hello Andrew – I use Bunker Boot Mate on my Fire Gear and have to say that I disagree with some of your concerns. I think though you do not fully understand how they work. The strap while made of Kevlar and Nomex has a neoprene fire resistant filler that gives the strap nice stretch that allows easy and comfortable movement to you while in use. So as you roll out a window the Bunker Boot Mate will help keep the legs covered, protecting them while giving you the desired movement you are looking for. The strap is snug against the boot while a chance of a snag exits I think it is unlikely or at least a low risk compared to the strong benefits the strap offers. I did have a similar concern and tried to pull against the strap which with some added force it unsnapped and did not continue to hold. The bunker snaps did not tear or break away, they just unsnapped with the added force that simulated a snag.

      Funny you say that your pants coming up over your boot would be your last concern. We had one of our guys not wearing Bunker Boot Mate and fell through a roof with fire below him. His pants came over his boots and he received 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his calves. He told me the very first thing he did was to cover his legs again by pulling down his pants back over the boot.

      These are a great addition to my fire gear, I like the secure feeling I have when wearing them. I had to send my gear in for repair and had a different set of bunkers without my boot mates and I could instantly feel the difference it was uncomfortable to me, like driving without a seatbelt. I really like the Bunker Boot Mate, I think they are an awesome product and don’t want to fight fires without them… Mark G