Shellback Tactical Armor/Plate Carrier Sneak Peek

Still in the prototype phase, the AGGRESSOR LE Armor/Plate Carrier from Shellback Tactical challenges the status quo in Law Enforcement armor. Traditionally, officers have worn concealable cut armor under their uniforms. However, this trend is beginning to shift to an externally worn vest, particularly on the East coast and in areas with high humidity. In order to answer calls from the field for an external armor carrier, Shellback developed the AGGRESSOR. While the concept of an external vest has been used by the military for decades, Shellback wanted to design something specifically with the needs of Law Enforcement Officers in mind.

Shellback Tactical Aggressor Vest

One item that really makes this vest stand out is that the badge can be pinned directly to the chest just like on a uniform. This design also allows an officer the flexibility to take the vest off inside the station when completing reports or booking evidence. The design makes it just as easy to don quickly if need be. As an added bonus, several agencies have also found external vests as a cost effective option when they want their officers to also have a tactical type vest at the ready since the armor can be put into this as a secondary carrier rather than having to buy a whole second set of armor with the vest. Finally, with all of these features, the AGGRESSOR can also be used for SWAT and other tactical operations.

Shellback Tactical Agressor Carrier - Rear View

The carrier is constructed from 500 Cordura which was selected in order to help lighten the load on an officer who often works a 12 hour shift. The collar area is covered in non-slip material to assist with shouldering firearms and to keep slings and bags from slipping off. Below the non-slip is a two inch wide strip of Velcro for identification patches. As stated earlier, the AGGRESSOR also features grommets to display the Officer’s badge. Additionally, the lower portion of the carrier has PALS webbing which wraps all the way around the body of the vest to accommodate modular pouches. The rear of the vest features a four inch velcro strip across the back for ID patches. The fully adjustable shoulders are padded with foam and the entire carrier is lined with mesh for breathability. As you can see from the photo this mesh also extends around the edge of the arm hole for comfort.

Designed to carry soft armor, the AGGRESSOR also features interior front and rear pockets to hold full size rifle plates. As of yet, there is no info on which soft armor and plates will be accommodated.

Shellback Tactical tells us the new carrier will be available in about six weeks and should retail for under $200. It will be Made in the USA by TAG and feature a Lifetime Warranty. Look for it at


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