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Shellback Tactical Announces Partnership With US Patriot Tactical

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Michael Wratten, the founder of Shellback Tactical, announces that the company has partnered with US Patriot Tactical. US Patriot Tactical will handle all global distribution of the brand and product lines.

You have known Shellback Tactical for its premium nylon products including the Banshee product line and others which will continue to expand. To meet the growing demand for Shellback Tactical products, we have expanded production capacity and invested in inventory, with over $500K in inventory available now.

This includes our Berry Compliant Banshee Rifle Plate Carriers, Banshee Elite 2.0, and the Patriot and Stealth Low Viz plate carriers. We also are in stock on our other popular accessories like the Banshee Shoulder Pads and Side Plate pouches.  All products are currently available in Multicam, Coyote, Black and Ranger Green. All of our current products are fully Berry Compliant.

Shellback Tactical will soon be offering an import product selection to include our newest product the Defender Active Shooter Kit.  This kit will include a plate carrier (that fits any 10×12 plate front and back) with two internal M4 mag pouches, quick deployment tourniquet pouch and a kit bag to store all of these items.

We are currently adding to our growing network of dealers. Shellback Tactical product will also be available through many of US Patriot Tactical’s worldwide network of forty one (41) stores and website as well as a distribution network of 25 other retailers.

If you’re going to be at SHOT Show, come by and visit us at Booth #32208. We will have some updated products, Shellback PREVAIL armor and other products on display, along with some show giveaways only available at the show.

Stay tuned to our website this year for exciting new products and updates –


New dealer inquiries are welcome by contacting mike@shellbacktactical.com

Shellback Tactical To Offer Banshee Armor Carrier in USAF Digital Tigerstripe Camo

Friday, August 25th, 2017

Due to recent high demand for US Air Force Digital Tigerstripe, Shellback Tactical has announced they will offer the Original Banshee and Banshee Elite 2.0 in this pattern.

They will also be available on GSA Advantage.


2 Level IV Armor Plates $205 – STARTS NOW

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

$205.00 BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL LIMITED TIME – Shellback Tactical PREVAIL LEVEL IV Hard Body Armor Plates Economical 1145 Model (2 PLATE DEAL -Two Pack)
On now thru Cyber Monday
7.6 lbs Each Plate
Single Curve
Shooter Cut/Gamma Cut
Multi-Hit Rated
OBL Tested to NIJ 0101.06 standards
Nij Certification Pending (P)
Model 1145
Made in America


Shellback Tactical – Gunfighter T-Shirt Preorder

Friday, October 28th, 2016

Printed by Grunt Style, the Shellback Tactical Gunfighter T-shirt is available now from preorder through Chase Tactical.


Shellback Tactical – Get Armored – 2 Level IV Plates $275

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

$275.00 SPECIAL LIMITED TIME – Shellback Tactical – PREVAIL LEVEL IV Hard Body Armor Plates Economical 1145 Model (2 PLATE DEAL -Two Pack)
OBL Tested NIJ 0101.06 standards
NIJ 0101.06 Certified (pending)
No coupon Codes – No Phone Orders – All Orders must be placed through Shellback Tactical Website


Shellback Tactical – Get Protected Now – 2 Level III Polyethylene Plates $529.99

Friday, July 29th, 2016

$529.99 SPECIAL – Shellback Tactical – PREVAIL LEVEL III Economical Hard Body Armor Plates 1078 Model 3.3 Lbs each 100% POLY

(2 PLATE DEAL) LIMITED OFFER – Not valid with any other offer – Web orders Only – Offer on now – No Codes Needed


Shellback Tactical – Plano Police Select Banshee Plate Carrier

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Shellback Tactical is proud to announce that the Original Banshee Plate Carrier in Black has been selected by the Plano Police Department (Plano, TX). The Plano Police Department is the 4th largest agency in Texas and located just 30 mins North of Dallas. With the recent unfathomable, cowardly, tragic incident that occurred in Dallas against Law Enforcement. This Life-saving equipment is important more than ever.

For the evaluation. The Plano Police Department put a team together to evaluate plate carriers for the agency. They evaluated approx. 10 potential carriers. After their in depth evaluation they selected the Banshee Plate Carrier for several reasons. Ease of use, the range of officers the carrier would fit, price point, quality and long term durability. They will be issuing and fielding 350 Banshee Plate Carriers to start into their patrol division. The Banshee has also been adopted as their official carrier and will be issued to all new hire officers as well.

Shellback Tactical is happy to have been evaluated and selected. In the current environment of Law Enforcement being targeted, it is great to see another Police agency preparing and investing in their personnel.

If your agency is interested in more details on the evaluation or outfitting its personnel with Plate Carriers, Hard Armor, Helmets, and complete active shooter kits. Please contact mike@shellbacktactical.com for info, quotes (RFQS). We are here to help. Shellback Tactical’s roots are in Law Enforcement with the owner being a retired LEO himself. Protecting as many Law Enforcement as possible has become our highest priority. Soon, Shellback Tactical is sending personnel to the Plano-Dallas Metro area to meet with several other agencies regarding their needs for active shooter protective gear. If you are an agency that would like more information on our visit, you can also email mike@shellbacktactical.com

Shellback Tactical founded in 2003 by a Police Officer. We have over 18 years of Law Enforcement experience and we have been designing gear and other life-saving equipment for over 12 years. Trust in us and our experience to get your agency and officers protected.

Get Armored Now – 2 Level IV Plates $294.99

Monday, July 11th, 2016

SPECIAL – For a Limited Time get Two Shellback Tactical PREVAIL LEVEL IV Hard Body Armor Plates for $294.99
(2 PLATE DEAL – One Price ) Model 1145

Need a Kit? We have several Plate Carrier Armor Kits available as well.