Shellback Tactical To Offer Banshee Armor Carrier in USAF Digital Tigerstripe Camo

Due to recent high demand for US Air Force Digital Tigerstripe, Shellback Tactical has announced they will offer the Original Banshee and Banshee Elite 2.0 in this pattern.

They will also be available on GSA Advantage.



9 Responses to “Shellback Tactical To Offer Banshee Armor Carrier in USAF Digital Tigerstripe Camo”

  1. Unimog says:

    So I assume the the “high demand” is from the USAF? Pj’s, TACP, security? What happened to wanting to ditch the pattern? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Chuck says:

      I read on AF reddit today that there were rumors the license/contract/something just got renewed for the ABU pattern/uniform, indicating that a wholesale switch to OCP won’t happen for a while, if ever; and if it does, the transition won’t be complete for years with ABU’s assumed wear-out date.

      Security Forces appears to be going overwhelmingly to PCs. I’ve seen a few different styles recently.

      So, adding it all up, somebody sees demand as units look to purchase ABU PCs that will get a few years of use.

      • SSD says:

        The Air Force doesn’t let contracts for ABUs, they buy them from Defense Logistics Agency. The issue is that DLA will keep buying and buying and buying ABUs and expect the USAF to buy them all. In fact, if the Air Force told DLA tomorrow to stop buying them, DLA would want their money. The Air Force got ABUs by getting the 3-color Desert uniforms allocated against them at DLA sold via Foreign Military Sales to a client country.

        The easy button for the USAF is to authorize the OCP ACU as optional wear. This will allow Airmen to purchase and wear the uniform. It will also help them ease the transition at DLA.

      • Plumpsquirrel3 says:

        We wear the LBT 6094A in ABU at my current base. My former base was testing PCs but I’m unsure what brand they were, or what was chosen.

  2. Joejah says:

    Wiki claims ‘TigerPAT’ (forest, I assume?) came second in USMC testing, losing out to MARPAT.
    I had no idea it was considered to be that beneficial or high-performing; the green-grays look so close to UCP/ACU that I just assumed it was a commercial variation (no offense USAF).

  3. Geoff says:

    Here’s camo in there? Huh. Can’t see much past all that green webbing.

    • straps says:

      Yeah that webbing will always be a barometer of the Market’s faith in that pattern…

  4. Peter Easton says:

    Low cost carrier for police but don’t think they hold up to daily wear on the gate let alone down range. Looks like it’s made for walmart.

    • SSD says:

      Have you ever touched, held, worn, or even seen one?

      Furthermore, police beat the hell out of their equipment, using it every single day they are on the job. The owner of Shellback started designing and building equipment while he was still an active law-enforcement officer.