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SureFire Sneak Peeks

We had an opportunity to see a few of the new products from SureFire at the ADS Warrior Expo and Outdoor Retailer shows. Below is just a sampling of what’s next in tactical illumination and cutlery.

Surefire X300 Prototype
M300 Mini Scout Light

At half the size of the M600 Scout Light (hence the name M300), the Mini Scout Light utilizes a single CR123 battery. It makes for a more compact and slightly lighter alternative to the full-size M600. Unfortunately, it also translates into about half of the performance of the M600. However, as more compact and specialized weapons continue to see use, such a light may well find its place.

Surefire Helmet Light
Surefire Helmet Lights

Now in its fourth generation, the Helmet Light has integrated several changes. Most notable is the new molded shrouds for the toggles. Instead of attaching an additional part to the light, the new shrouds are an integral part of the chassis which strengthens the design and reduces production time and material. Additionally, as you can see in the photo, the new light features a threaded battery cap with an integrated lock out switch. Rumor has it that an entirely new Helmet Light is under development and while no details have been released, features are being driven by user feedback and it won’t resemble the current model.

Surefire LX1 Lumamax
SureFire LX1 Lumamax

The LED LX1 is compact (4.1″ long) and features two brightness levels; 10 lumens low and 80 lumens high. Press lightly on the two stage tailcap switch for low and apply more pressure for high. Twist the tail switch for constant on in either of the brightness modes or to lockout the switch to avoid light ADs. Additionally, the pocket clip is reversible. There is also an LX2 model coming out that also features a two stage tailcap but goes to 200 lumens.

Edged Weapons
SureFire is also releasing two new folding knives; the Edge and Crank. As with their previous edged weapon designs, these are made in the U.S.A.

Surefire Folder
Surefire Crank

WEIGHT 3.2 oz.

SureFire Crank Coin Slot

The blade is manufactured from polished 154 CM steel. A single hexagonal opening machined into the aluminum frame accommodates 1/2″ nuts, and a slot extension holds a coin firmly in place for use as a field-expedient screwdriver. Additionally, there is a built-in cord cutter and a bottle opener.

Surefire Folder
SureFire Edge

WEIGHT 5.5 oz.

The modified spear-point blade is crafted from 154 CM steel and the the 7075 aluminum frame features a liner lock. Notice the prominent hex openings along the handle and set into the blade which can be used as wrenches (7/16″, 3/8″, 5/16″, 1/2″ nuts). It also features an integral finger guard/flip-open lever and a pocket clip.

With the exception of the prototype M300 all of the products will be released soon. For additional information visit

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