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Camouflage Expert Joins Protect the Force, LLC

Protect the Force, LLC announced recently that Mr. Richard “Rick” Cowan, chemist and Subject Matter Expert in Camouflage and Counter-Surveillance Protection has joined Protect the Force, LLC as the organization’s expert for camouflage and signature management.

“Rick brings an unmatched experience and know-how in the art and science of camouflage. He worked as the Army’s Camouflage Scientist at the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center for over 20 years developing the most advanced counter-surveillance protective technologies applied to combat uniforms and equipment” said Francisco J. Martinez, EVP for Product Development and Technology Integration.

According to Mr. Martinez, Protect the Force does not plan on developing proprietary camouflage patterns but rather to lend their expertise to Government and industry on the test and evaluation of patterns.

To learn more about Protect the Force, LLC vsit them on the web at www.protecttheforce.com.


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