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DRIFIRE Donates FR Shirts and Blankets to Haiti

Responding to a call for aid to earthquake damaged Haiti from the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), DRIFIRE has assisted the Kids in Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.) organization by shipping approximately 1,650 comfortable FR shirts to be distributed to two orphanages.

“We’ve worked with the AAFA and K.I.D.S. in the past, donating more than 500 garments during the relief effort after Hurricane Katrina. We’re happy to join them in supporting orphans in Haiti with our products. Our donations may be a tiny piece of the overall relief effort, but we wanted to be involved and we’re excited for our chance to directly impact these orphanages,” says Kim Scarbrough, Executive Assistant at DRIFIRE, who is leading the company’s efforts in Haiti.

The flame retardant shirts sent in DRIFIRE’s first shipment feature moisture wicking and antimicrobial technology that is crucial for staying dry and comfortable in humid, warm climates. The second shipment will include rolls of raw fabric made of soft, comfortable material in response to the strong need for blankets. The fabric also features antimicrobial technology, cutting down on germs and odor. In addition to blankets, the fabric can be used to make clothes, tents and other garments to help keep the children protected and comfortable.

DRIFIRE isn’t stopping there. They plan to continue helping the orphanages on a long-term basis as more products become available for shipment in the coming weeks. Additional aid will be spread among the communities in Haiti as needed.

“Everyone at DRIFIRE is eager to contribute to helping the people in Haiti. From warehouse employees working overtime to get products shipped, to the executive team coordinating with AAFA and K.I.D.S. to make this all happen, we’re thankful and proud to be part of such a generous, hard-working company. Working together is crucial in these times of need, and we hope that our efforts will encourage and inspire others in the FR apparel and safety industry to donate high quality, life-saving products to those who need them,” says Scarbrough.


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