And So It Begins…

The Army dropped a rather large sources sought notice today for Fire Resistant Army Combat Uniforms (FR-ACUs) in MultiCam. Up to 40,000 sets per month for six to eight months are to be delivered pre-treated in Permethrin. The short notice to answer (10 days) is indicative of the dedication to quick fielding that PEO-Soldier is paying to this issue. Expect to see numerous other solicitations hit the street soon.

It is very important to note that, based on information already released by PEO-Soldier, they are only planning on fielding clothing and equipment that would be used on a combat patrol. This includes FR-ACUs as well as Army Combat Shirts. The new ACS will feature MultiCam sleeves and Coyote torso. For those Soldiers leaning forward in the foxhole, this does NOT include the 50/50 NYCO ACU that you currently wear in garrison and on the FOB. I would not suggest that you run out and purchase a basic load of ACUs in MultiCam just yet. I am still awaiting additional information on this subject but as of now, based on what has already been said, Soldiers deployed to Afghanistan will find themselves in the standard ACU in UCP while on an FOB or other deployed base and wearing MultiCam FR ACUs while outside the wire.

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