Introducing NET TAC

Larry Vickers has long been interested in offering a one-stop resource for those who want to purchase is signature products as well as those that he uses himself. With his demanding training schedule it was a project that had to stay on the back burner. However, he recently teamed with Duke Creative, a company earning a well deserved reputation for excellence in developing e-commerce solutions for tactical companies.

“I’ve been wanting to start an e-commerce site for a while now and have never had the opportunity to do so. Now that I’ve partnered with a webmaster knowledgeable in tactical gear, he agreed to start and manage the store for me; a no-brainer situation considering the success he’s brought to other e-commerce websites,” said Larry Vickers, renowned tactical trainer.

Net Tac is up and running and featuring products from Blue Force Gear, Daniel Defense, EOTAC, and TangoDown.


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