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Brits Recommended MultiCam to US Army? Excuse Me While I Guffaw

This is just precious. In a recent press release from the MoD, Colonel Stephen James, Project Team Leader for the Defence Equipment and Support Clothing Team, who was responsible for delivering the new British Multi Terrain Pattern to British forces had this to say, “We have presented the new designs to the US Department of Defense and, following our recommendations, the US Army are about to adopt the same technology for their uniform in Afghanistan.”

Ok, so there you have it. The recommendation of the British Army, after their experience in adopting MTP a MultiCam-like pattern developed by Crye Precision, is what is responsible for the US Army’s recent decision to field MultiCam to units operating in Afghanistan. I guess it has nothing to do with the results of an arduous selection process carried out by PEO-Soldier and their partners at Natick, AWG, ATEC, and the Infantry Center in which MultiCam was deemed superior to the other candidates.


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