Camouflage Patterns, Concepts and Design/Analysis Tools

Could the recent Sources Sought Notice from Natick for Camouflage Patterns, Concepts and Design/Analysis Tools be in support of the Army’s fabled Phase IV of their camouflage plan? We hear that so far only a few companies have ponied up and this has prompted Natick’s Multifunctional Materials Team, Warfighter Science, Technology and Research Directorate to extend the deadline from May 28th until June 18th. Interested parties should check out the Sources Sought Notice and respond if you have something of interest. Now is the time to stand up and be counted.

Apparently, whatever the final plan is for Phase IV it is supposed to be on the Chief of Staff of the Army’s desk by 14 November and word has it that the Army-wide adoption of MultiCam will be one of the courses of action. At this point, it is the path of least resistance since to do nothing and retain UCP would meet a great deal of operational resistance based on several rounds of testing. Additionally, industry is beginning to energize a supply chain for MultiCam that can be further ramped up to meet increased demand. We fully support the continued development of more advanced patterns but MultiCam increases capability immediately. What’s more we would like to see the Air Force adopt MultiCam at least for deployed forces.


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