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E&E Bags

Call them what you will, E&E bags, bug out bags, or satchels, they are a long way from the salvaged Claymore bag you used back in the 80s. In fact, the modern E&E Bag was first developed for Diamondback Tactical by the founder of Mayflower Research & Consulting in 2003 based on his military experience. Over the past few years, the original design has been copied and modified by a slew of manufacturers, even morphing into the Courier Bag requirement for USSOCOM. The item is far from static and even Mayflower has improved on that first design.

The latest bag to hit the market is the Terrorist Interdiction Bag (TIB) from One Source Tactical’s Technical Services Division. It is the first bag of its kind designed to accommodate AK magazines. As you can see in the photo below, the retention tabs have been specially designed to secure the AK30 magazine from US PALM. Naturally, it will also carry other similar sized including M4 magazines.

Available in Black, Coyote, and MultiCam.

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