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Jim Erwin Joins Bulldog Equipment

Bulldog Equipment, a leading manufacturer of tactical and assault gear announced today that it has named Jim Erwin to the position of Director of Sales. To continue to grow the Bulldog brand, Bulldog has brought on Erwin to aid in the expansion of Bulldog Equipment throughout the Military, Government, and Law Enforcement markets.

Erwin worked as an Operator in the Special Operations community for twelve years. After leaving Active Duty, Erwin spent seven years working in Bosnia, Irag, Israel, and Afghanistan as a Close Protection Specialist, protecting Ambassadors, Generals, and various State Department personnel.

“My goal here at Bulldog is to put my experience and knowledge from the various environments I’ve worked in over the years, and help build the best gear possible,” says Erwin. “The Bulldog product line is very flexible, and can meet any requirement to meet specific mission needs.”

As the Director of Sales, Erwin will travel to meet with current and potential customers, to show the value Bulldog gear can add to your team and your mission. If you have a requirement, do not hesitate to get in touch with Jim Erwin.

SSD is very excited about this announcement and Jim will be a great addition to the talented staff at Bulldog Equipment.


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