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Bulldog Equipment Poleless Litter

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

The Bulldog Ultra Light Poleless Litter offers Hands-Free Carry to rapidly extract injured personnel. Weighing in at only 6.8 lbs it boasts a maximum payload of 700 lbs. It stores in a PALS compatible pouch when not needed.

The Litter is versatile. It comes equipped with 4 Across-The-Chest Carry Straps equipped with metal quick release buckles rated at a 500 LB capacity, allowing individuals to carry or pull an injured victim, while still having access to their weapon. It also incorporates Equipped with (10) tubular webbing carry handles that act as wrist wraps (similar to those used during weight lifting exercises), ensuring that the carrier’s hands do not cramp, while still providing comfort and durability. This allows for a rapid transition to a weapon, and provides dexterity and movement of the hands.

Additionally, the patient is immobilized with the integrated 4 securing straps as well as an optional diaper strap for added patient stability.


Bulldog Equipment – Speedball Bag

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

The Bulldog Equipment Speedball Bag is designed specifically for ammunition resupply.

Attributes –
-Accommodates (2) 60MM Mortar Cans, (6) M240 Ammo Cans or (8) .50 CAL Ammo Cans
-Won’t fall apart like many other bags
-Speedball Bag has been successfully dropped from a Black Hawk at 100 feet with NO DAMAGE to the bag
-Equipped with a polymer skid pad, allowing the bag to be dragged to a new location with the helicopter lanyard allowing for hands-free carry
-Made in the USA
-Lifetime Warranty


Bulldog Equipment – 60mm Mortar Pack System

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Bulldog Equipment’s new 60mm Mortar Pack System for the M224A1 accommodates not only the ammunition, but also the M225A1 tube, M170A1 bipod assembly and M7A1 baseplate. Via use of a MOLLE adapter it is adapted to the venerable ALICE frame or the Mystery Ranch NICE frame. It’s been issued a SOF specific NSN (8465-01-605-2256).

As you can see, the mortar can be fired even while still attached to the frame when the tube is used with M8 auxiliary baseplate.

The kit consists of

1. (2) Alice Pack Frames (The system is also compatible with the Mystery Ranch NICE frame)
2. (3) Pairs of Shoulder Straps
3. (2) Waist Belts
4. (1) 5 Rd Carrier
5. (2) 2 Rd Carrier
6. (2) 1 Rd Carrier
7. (1) Alice Pack MOLLE Panel
8. (1) Mortar Computer Pouch
9. (2) Accessory Pouches
10. (1) Jacket Pouch
11. (1) Mortar Sling


Bulldog Assistant Gunners Kit

Friday, September 7th, 2012

We first introduced you to the Bulldog Assistant Gunners Kit during SOFIC but now we have lots of details on the kit. It was designed specifically for employment of US issue Machine Guns under fire and includes:
-Lightweight Spare Barrel Bag for the M249 Saw, M240L, Mk46, Mk48
-Lightweight Spare Barrel Mat (Cooling area for the Spare Barrel)
-Custom designed Rapid Access Ammunition Pouch

The BAG Kit is an integrated design with the various components including the ammunition pouches that are designed to hold the prepackaged 7.62 , 100 round and 5.56, 200 rounds ammo boxes; Spare Barrel Bag, Spare Barrel Mat as well as a way to carry the Tripod all working together. All of the components are MOLLE (Modular Light weight Load carrying Equipment) compatible and can be adapted to various pack frames including ALICE and MOLLE.

The Spare Barrel Bag and Mat are 75% lighter than than current issue items (3.25 Lbs weight reduction) and offer improved accessibility and greater security regarding the tripod retention. Additionally, ammunition is readily accessible allowing for rapid reloading of the weapon system it supports as you can see in the video.

Currently the AG, AB and Gunner share the load across three men. With the BAG Kit the AG and Gunner will have the ability to carry all the necessary accessories to support the weapon system reducing the minimum number of personnel from 3 to 2 for employment of this weapon system.

One of the shortcomings with currently issued items is that the AG must be exposed to enemy fire for extended periods of time to gain access to needed weapon accessories before the weapon system is operational. The current Squad and Platoon machine gunners must carry a sling; spare barrel bag (which holds the spare barrel and tripod) as well as ammunition pouches of various sizes. The necessity of exchanging ammunition drums or rapidly linking the additional belts of ammunition to the weapon is paramount since there are only 50 rounds in the CAP. A 100 rd CAP exists but it interferes with the Tripod Mounting System and its use is currently being reviewed by the US Army.

Advantages of the AG BAG Kit include: Soldiers can rapidly reload the machine guns meaning more rounds down range while in contact with the enemy. Soldier movement in restrictive terrain is improved due to a better integration and distribution of weight of the weapon accessories and the AG BAG is designed specifically for use under fire.

Bulldog Equipment has integrated a new (Patent Pending) lighter weight system. Bulldog’s design is 75% lighter than current MOLLE. This was accomplished by using a single layer of 1″ webbing, removal of the plastic stiffener and the permanent mounting of a stamped metal one inch Tri Glide from ITW Nexus. This allows for the webbing to be locked in place preventing accessory movement. The BAG Kit ammunition pouches are designed around the dimensions of the 100 Round Card Board Ammo Box that the 7.62 ammo is supplied in. Therefore depending on your units preference you can choose between 100, 200 and 300 Round pouches which are integrated with a patented ammunition tension feed system. This bracket provides enough tension on the rounds to prevent rounds from falling from the pouch onto the ground regardless of its position, even if inverted. The tension however does not interfere with the feeding of rounds into the weapon. This (Patent Pending) Ammunition Pouch allows the ammunition to be rapidly accessed and linked to the ammunition in the CAP. The current issue CAP holds 50 rounds and it takes more than 20 seconds to link the ammunition together using current issue ammo bags. The Bulldog Ammo Bags allows for expedited and efficient ammunition access. Bulldog Equipment developed the current issue Spare Barrel Bag NSN 1005-01-5369646 in 2003, that Spare Barrel Bag weighs 4.5 Lbs. Bulldog’s Spare Barrel Bag generally has a life span of 3-5 years proving its design exceeds any durability requirement. With the knowledge learned from previous solutions we utilized the same materials for this new Spare Barrel Bag and Spare Barrel Mat. By changing the design they were able to save 3.25 Pounds with this new design. It weighs just 1.25 Pounds. Also the Spare Barrel Mat and Bag are two separate products. This allows replacement of individual components creating a cost savings for the military. The current issue spare barrel bag is not MOLLE compatible, extremely cumbersome as well as having a large foot print that makes carrying and deployment difficult. The ease of use and rapid access of BAG Kits Spare Barrel Bag and Spare Barrel Mat allow for rapid barrel change. A large number of machine guns are being serviced or rebuilt in theater due to damage caused by soldier failure to properly change the barrel.

Finally, the Tripod is secured in the Barrel Mat during movements by using 1 inch Fast Tacks from ITW Nexus mounted on the side of the Ammo Bags. The BAG Kit comes with a variety of spare hardware which will allow for personalized equipment placement and repair in the field of all plastic components.

This is a great time to obligate end of year funds toward these bags. To learn more contact www.bulldogequipment.us.

Sneak Peek – Bulldog Mortar Carrier

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Here’s another sneak peek from our friends at Bulldog Equipment. This time it’s a new Mortar Carrying System. As you can see, it accommodates the tube as well as baseplate and is adapted to the venerable ALICE frame. It’s pretty innovative and they’ve already been issued a SOF specific NSN for this item (8465-01-605-2256).


Sneak Peek – Bulldog Assistant Gunner Pack

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Bulldog Equipment has been working on a couple of cool projects including an Assistant Gunner Pack for the M240 GMPG. More info is coming but here are a few sneak peeks.


SPECOPS Unveils Uniform Prototype in Mirage Camo – Updated

Monday, February 21st, 2011

This is a SPECOPS MBS-1 uniforms in Bulldog Equipment Company’s Mirage camo. This pattern will run against Roggenwolf, A-TACS, Multicam, PenCott (updated), and possibly a Hyperstealth developed pattern in the upcoming Polish Army Camo Trials. We have already shown the Roggenwolf versions.


Bulldog Launches New Line of Comms Pouches

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

While Bulldog Equipment’s latest lineup of pouches is well suited for both communicators as well anyone who carries radios, it was designed specifically for use by Joint Terminal Attack Controllers. Designed to protect many communications devices and keep them close at hand on packs and fighting kit, there are also pouches for specialized equipment such as the izlid as well as options for both the AN/PRC-117F and 117G. Additionally, their AN/PRC-152 pouch allows the user to access the control panel without removing the radio from the pouch. Developed with feedback from the JTAC community, this unique pouch suite is a welcome addition to the tactical toolkit.

The entire Bulldog line is Berry Compliant and available in a variety of colors and patterns including their popular Mirage camo. For more info or to order, visit www.bulldogequipment.us.