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Bulldog Equipment – 60mm Mortar Pack System

Bulldog Equipment’s new 60mm Mortar Pack System for the M224A1 accommodates not only the ammunition, but also the M225A1 tube, M170A1 bipod assembly and M7A1 baseplate. Via use of a MOLLE adapter it is adapted to the venerable ALICE frame or the Mystery Ranch NICE frame. It’s been issued a SOF specific NSN (8465-01-605-2256).

As you can see, the mortar can be fired even while still attached to the frame when the tube is used with M8 auxiliary baseplate.

The kit consists of

1. (2) Alice Pack Frames (The system is also compatible with the Mystery Ranch NICE frame)
2. (3) Pairs of Shoulder Straps
3. (2) Waist Belts
4. (1) 5 Rd Carrier
5. (2) 2 Rd Carrier
6. (2) 1 Rd Carrier
7. (1) Alice Pack MOLLE Panel
8. (1) Mortar Computer Pouch
9. (2) Accessory Pouches
10. (1) Jacket Pouch
11. (1) Mortar Sling


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