Bulldog Launches New Line of Comms Pouches

While Bulldog Equipment’s latest lineup of pouches is well suited for both communicators as well anyone who carries radios, it was designed specifically for use by Joint Terminal Attack Controllers. Designed to protect many communications devices and keep them close at hand on packs and fighting kit, there are also pouches for specialized equipment such as the izlid as well as options for both the AN/PRC-117F and 117G. Additionally, their AN/PRC-152 pouch allows the user to access the control panel without removing the radio from the pouch. Developed with feedback from the JTAC community, this unique pouch suite is a welcome addition to the tactical toolkit.

The entire Bulldog line is Berry Compliant and available in a variety of colors and patterns including their popular Mirage camo. For more info or to order, visit


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