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Sneak Peek – Bulldog Mortar Carrier

Here’s another sneak peek from our friends at Bulldog Equipment. This time it’s a new Mortar Carrying System. As you can see, it accommodates the tube as well as baseplate and is adapted to the venerable ALICE frame. It’s pretty innovative and they’ve already been issued a SOF specific NSN for this item (8465-01-605-2256).


One Response to “Sneak Peek – Bulldog Mortar Carrier”

  1. Ben Branam says:

    I spent almost 6 years in the Marine Corps with 60mm mortars. We never could find a good way to carry the dang thing. The worst was the base plate. The aluminum plate would ring when carried through tall grass. Most of the ammo men (the guy responsible for the base plate) would hook it to their web gear in front of their chest. Not the best, but at least they could still fire a rifle.

    We also cut up Alice packs trying to get mortar rounds to fit and the base plate to mount on the outside. That makes more noise then carrying an ammo can with rounds in it.

    This piece of gear looks promising.