Bluewater Defense Announces New Brand Identity

When we saw the Bluewater Defense line of sleep systems we were puzzled as to where they came from. Now we know.

Bluewater Defense, Inc. recently announced a new brand name, new leadership, and an enhanced commitment to defense manufacturing work with their industry partners. The company, formerly known as DJ Manufacturing, Corp., will expand on their longtime experience as a prime contractor and subcontractor in the precision and specialized sewing industry for the Department of Defense (DoD) while adding new capabilities for custom production, expedited turnaround time and a new focus on research and development.

Bluewater Defense is headquartered in San Lorenzo with additional locations in Cidra, Corozal and Yabucoa, and employs 1500 highly trained garment manufacturers. All existing DJ Manufacturing, Corp. contracts are being transitioned to the new Bluewater Defense brand and all new contracts have been secured under the new brand name. Additionally, the company has significantly upgraded their facilities and made substantial investments in highly advanced garment forming equipment.

A worldwide leader in the precision needle working and manufacturing industry, Bluewater Defense is known for their mass production capabilities and is currently producing a wide variety of protective clothing, uniforms and individual equipment for the DoD, including the GEN III Layer 7 Extended Cold Weather Clothing System Parka and Trousers, the Army Combat Uniform Coat and Trousers, the Fire Resistant Army Combat Uniform, Improved Outer Tactical Vests and Hard Plate Carriers.

Additionally, Bluewater Defense expects to break ground on a new Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Yabucoa in the near future. The Center will be staffed with technical garment design professionals and the latest computer-aided design equipment to maximize speed from product concept to production. The Center will allow for additional specialized short run capacity and increased design flexibility to meet the varying needs of their industry partners and the DoD.

In an ongoing effort to elevate Bluewater Defense’s abilities as a premier manufacturer of military apparel and equipage, a new leadership team has been created comprised of individuals with significant leadership experience in the textile, apparel, technology and pharmaceutical industries. Eric Spackey has assumed the role of CEO/President and he has assembled his new management team which includes: Max Weinstein as the Chief Operating Officer; Sharon Birk as the Vice President of Business Development; Olga Bonnin as the Vice President of Finance; and Aida Mendez as the Vice President of Human Resources. The entire team at Bluewater Defense is looking forward to continuing to craft the high-quality products that are essential to the warfighter.

“Our goal at Bluewater Defense is to meet the specific needs of our men and women in uniform in even the most challenging circumstances.” said Bluewater Defense CEO Eric Spackey. “We are partnering with the best manufacturers of advanced fabrics and materials in the United States to supply our troops with the highest performing end products. We are very excited to begin this development work with our longtime industry colleagues and new partners.”

Bluewater Defense products are available through ADS Inc.


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