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AUSA – Bluewater Defense & Vorbeck Introduce Wearable Antenna

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

I walked up to the Bluewater Defense booth and noticed that they were sharing it with an electronics company named Vorbeck.  Intrigued, I introduced myself to the Vorbeck team and they started to show me what they were up to.  About a minute into the presentation on their flexible 4G LTE antenna I was hooked.  


The technology is a printed graphene broadband antenna on a thin substrate that can be encapsulated between pieces of fabric for concealment into clothing or equipment.  Testing indicates it doubles the range of a cell phone.  

The frequency range is 824-894, 1850-1990, and 2400-2500 MHz.  Additionally, it has 50 Ohms impedance and 2:1 VSWR ratio.  While it’s currently tailored for 4G, the technology offers a great deal of opportunity.  In addition to cellular use for transmitting voice and data, it can also be used for Tagging, Tracking & Locating of friendly, threat and other targets of interest.  I can’t wait to see how Bluewater Defense integrates this technology into clothing and lad carriage. 

ADS Underway UniformADS Tactical

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

You’ve heard rumors about this uniform for years and now here it is. The ADS Underway Uniform is manufactured exclusively for ADS by Bluewater Defense from Tweave softshell combined with Polartec Power Dry fabric. There have been some additional uniforms manufactured from 50/50 NYCO and other materials in this cut for special applications such as ADS internal testing of their US4CES family of camouflage.

ADS Underway Uniform

Pocket configurations and fit were driven by the user community and have been refined over multiple generations. Available in a full variety of sizes in MultiCam and Black with other colors available upon request.


Guardian Sleep System Video

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

I shot a little video of the Guardian Sleep System at Warrior Expo West. It has turned out to be one of the most popular articles from the show so I thought you might want to get a better look at the system components.

For a review of the system check out my earlier article.


Guardian Sleep System

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

ADS unveiled the new Guardian Sleep System today at the Warrior Expo West at the San Diego Convention Center. Manufactured by Bluewater Defense the Guardian was developed after consultation with focus groups consisting of serving military personnel. Consisting of five components it incorporates several interesting design features.

The lightweight (30 deg) and heavyweight (0 deg) bags can be used alone or in tandem will accommodate temperatures down to -30 deg. Both bags have traditional top-mounted mummy-style zippers that are compatible with both righties and lefties and extend all the way from the chin to the top of the tapered foot box.

They both feature armholes allowing the user to conduct tasks from inside the bag. The bags also have pockets in the head area so that the user can stuff in padding for a makeshift pillow.

Insulated with Climashield, the bags feature a double layer offset quilting construction that eliminates cold spots. Additionally, they are treated with an antimicrobial to inhibit growth of the heebie jeebies keeping down on odor as well as bacteria.

The shelter bivy cover is manufactured from a 70D coated fabric keep down weight and bulk and features fully taped seams. While the shelter bivy cover comes with a single aluminum pole, there are ample tie down points so that it can be erected by attaching it to a stable object. The design integrates dual side vents which include no-see-um netting or can be fully opened for warm weather use and to help dissipate condensation caused by respiration and perspiration. What’s more, there is also a window to maintain situational awareness. Don’t let the black color fool you, production models will be available in a variety of colors.

The final two components are a mesh storage bag for admin storage to maintain loft when not in use as well as a compression stuffsack for field use.

To learn more visit www.adsinc.com/bluewater-defense

Bluewater Defense Announces New VP of Military and Commercial Sourcing and Product Development

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Bluewater Defense, Inc. has announced the appointment of Ms. Jennifer Boykin as the Vice President of Sourcing and Product Development. She was most recently the Military Programs Manager at New Balance, responsible for product costing, sourcing, supplier relations, product development, implementation and management of new products for the US Warfighter, including the successful implementation and delivery of the Marine Corps Physical Training Uniform. Prior to this position, she was a designer, sourcing and product development manager for numerous leading apparel companies, including Cartiers, Structure (a division of the Limited) and Andrea Gayle (a division of the Leslie Faye Co.).

“We are very pleased to have Jennifer as part of our team. She brings substantial military and commercial apparel manufacturing and sourcing experience to the company, helping us professionalize the front-end of our business. Jennifer prioritizes responding quickly to changing customer needs and her grasp of tactical equipment and uniform requirements is second to none,” said Eric Spackey, CEO of Bluewater Defense, Inc. “Jennifer has worked with our production team as a former customer and understands the importance of good communication, complete transparency and positive execution.’

In her new role at Bluewater Defense. Inc., Ms. Boykin will be responsible for leading the sourcing and development process on commercial and military programs, including managing and overseeing the supply-chain, planning, product development and small-run production.

Based in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico, and with 1500 employees Bluewater Defense, Inc., currently produces Army Combat Uniforms, Gen III Level 7 Parka’s and Trousers, Improved Outer Tactical Vests, and All Weather Coats. In addition to the government contracts, Bluewater Defense is manufacturing numerous items under commercial contracts, including sleep systems, cold weather, and safety gear.


Bluewater Defense Announces New Brand Identity

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

When we saw the Bluewater Defense line of sleep systems we were puzzled as to where they came from. Now we know.

Bluewater Defense, Inc. recently announced a new brand name, new leadership, and an enhanced commitment to defense manufacturing work with their industry partners. The company, formerly known as DJ Manufacturing, Corp., will expand on their longtime experience as a prime contractor and subcontractor in the precision and specialized sewing industry for the Department of Defense (DoD) while adding new capabilities for custom production, expedited turnaround time and a new focus on research and development.

Bluewater Defense is headquartered in San Lorenzo with additional locations in Cidra, Corozal and Yabucoa, and employs 1500 highly trained garment manufacturers. All existing DJ Manufacturing, Corp. contracts are being transitioned to the new Bluewater Defense brand and all new contracts have been secured under the new brand name. Additionally, the company has significantly upgraded their facilities and made substantial investments in highly advanced garment forming equipment.

A worldwide leader in the precision needle working and manufacturing industry, Bluewater Defense is known for their mass production capabilities and is currently producing a wide variety of protective clothing, uniforms and individual equipment for the DoD, including the GEN III Layer 7 Extended Cold Weather Clothing System Parka and Trousers, the Army Combat Uniform Coat and Trousers, the Fire Resistant Army Combat Uniform, Improved Outer Tactical Vests and Hard Plate Carriers.

Additionally, Bluewater Defense expects to break ground on a new Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Yabucoa in the near future. The Center will be staffed with technical garment design professionals and the latest computer-aided design equipment to maximize speed from product concept to production. The Center will allow for additional specialized short run capacity and increased design flexibility to meet the varying needs of their industry partners and the DoD.

In an ongoing effort to elevate Bluewater Defense’s abilities as a premier manufacturer of military apparel and equipage, a new leadership team has been created comprised of individuals with significant leadership experience in the textile, apparel, technology and pharmaceutical industries. Eric Spackey has assumed the role of CEO/President and he has assembled his new management team which includes: Max Weinstein as the Chief Operating Officer; Sharon Birk as the Vice President of Business Development; Olga Bonnin as the Vice President of Finance; and Aida Mendez as the Vice President of Human Resources. The entire team at Bluewater Defense is looking forward to continuing to craft the high-quality products that are essential to the warfighter.

“Our goal at Bluewater Defense is to meet the specific needs of our men and women in uniform in even the most challenging circumstances.” said Bluewater Defense CEO Eric Spackey. “We are partnering with the best manufacturers of advanced fabrics and materials in the United States to supply our troops with the highest performing end products. We are very excited to begin this development work with our longtime industry colleagues and new partners.”

Bluewater Defense products are available through ADS Inc.