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High Gear M4 Padding Kit ADS

London Bridge has just unveiled a new addition to their popular High Gear line. The M4 Padding Kit was designed for the Special Operations Combatives Program and provides padding to the barrel (including front sight triangle) and forearm which can have sharp edges if it is a modular rail as well as the stock and magazine. That’s right, you can train with your magazine inserted into the magwell so that training replicates real life scenarios.

It is cost prohibitive for military units or other agencies to procure the number of specialty inert weapons to accommodate large-scale combatives training. This new padding set allows you to use your issue weapons without fear of injury to the trainee or damage to the weapon. It makes an excellent addition to already in-service Modern Army Combative Kits (MACK) as well as a supplement to other systems.

LBT M-4 Padding Kit

ADS offers the full line of High Gear products to Government clients.

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