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LBT HIGH GEAR Combatives Training Ensemble

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

The thing about HIGH GEAR suits that is different from other protective suits out there is that it is designed to provide feedback and maximize mobility. You won’t get hurt but you are going to be able to tell that you were struck and, your mobility won’t be as hindered as it is in other ‘Michelin man’ suits. HIGH GEAR is an Impact Reduction combatives training ensemble.

It can be used for all types of combatives training from detainee handling drills and CQB (including Simunition, UTM and airsoft) to more conventional training, such as MMA, grappling and the striking arts.

HIGH GEAR equipment is manufactured in the USA by LBT Inc and available for unit or agency purchase from ADS Inc.

Smoking Deal on Axio Max Watch from Extreme Outfitters

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

For a limited time and while supplies last Extreme Outfitters is offering the Tactical Assault Systems Axio Max by High Gear at an incredible price.

It’s a pretty nice watch with Chronograph, Barometer, Altimeter, Compass, Thermometer and more. Regularly $159.99 this watch is now only $99.99, making it a great gift idea for anyone doing some early Christmas shopping or just wants to pick one up for themselves.

Great Pre-Order Deal on Axio Max Stealth

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Tactical Assault Systems has teamed up with High Gear to create the TAS edition High Gear Axio Max Stealth.

It features a Digital Compass, Barometer, Altimeter, Chronograph, Thermometer, and more. It features an aluminum frame construction and a mineral glass screen to reduce scratching. While the watch is water resistant to 50 meters, Extreme Outfitters is adamant that this is not a dive watch but it looks like a great field watch.

Limited to a run of 500, pre-orders are only $99.99. Shipping 1 March.

High Gear Axio Max Stealth

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

If you’re looking for a good deal for a field watch, the High Gear Axio Max Stealth might be just the one for you. It not only tells the time but also features chronograph, compass, barometer, thermometer and altimeter functions.

It seems made for tactical operations. For example, it is set up for dual time, is water resistant to 30m and offers a full suite of tools to navigate and stay alert of weather conditions. Also available in a Desert version.

Look for Genuine HIGH GEAR

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Last night we received this letter from Tony Blauer about the recent rash of HIGH GEARâ„¢ knock offs. Tony conceived HIGH GEARâ„¢ to not just protect those training in combatives but also allow them to move properly and “feel” the fight. Thanks for the information Tony!

Letter from Tony Blauer: Imitation High Gear Suits and How to Tell the Difference

To the supporters of Blauer Tactical Systems & High Gear,
We recently received some inquires about a new line of role-player equipment that some thought was a new High Gear suit. Others wanted to know:
1. Were we involved in the design?
2. Were there any significant changes to Blauer’s innovative ergonomic design?
3. Were there changes to the breakthrough concept of ‘impact reduction’ padding?
4. Were there functional or tactical changes or was this simply a cosmetic change?

The questions caught us by surprise, since we’d never heard of the suit they were referring to. Upon further investigation, we came across links to two products – both obvious copies of the original High Gear product. Both companies used confusingly similar language, confusingly similar photos, confusingly similar design, confusingly similar descriptions. In fact, one company actually used photos from our website on their site. The other company used photos from our training courses in their promotions.
We know this is confusing (and for some, disturbing).
Here is clarification for those of you who have been longtime supporters of Blauer Tactical’s work in pioneering training and equipment for the defensive tactics, combatives and martial arts world for over 30 years.

There is only one training suit that we endorse here at Blauer Tactical Systems, and it’s the one we designed, called High Gear.
• High Gear originally took us 6 years to prototype, test and develop. This was no cookie-cutter process.
• The only official High Gear suit is made in the USA by the London Bridge Trading Company in Virginia.
• Our High Gear is Berry Compliant (in support of the US military). High Gear has an anti-fog visor and the next generation fabrics contain anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.
• High Gear was tested and selected by the US Army to support their combative program and has been issued NSN numbers for military orders.
• Our product is used by real warriors (police and military) as well as warrior athletes like BJ Penn, Frank Mir and many other MMA stars.

Our System
At the same time we learned of the new gear, we were made aware of a few ‘new’ reality-based and behaviorally-based confrontation management systems designed around natural movement, startle-flinch, emotional/psychological factors, etc. where the trainer(s) have self-anointed themselves as the originators of their system.

In almost every case there is a direct lineage to Blauer’s S.P.E.A.R. System & Personal Defense research. (The individuals have been either students of ours, mentored by us, or employees of Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc.).

In any field, any act of misappropriation, passing off, not crediting or citing sources of research is simply wrong. It is especially disturbing in a community that regularly touts warriors’ virtues like integrity and honor.

This is not the first time we have been approached about this problem. In order to alleviate any confusion we wanted to address this issue once and for all. If you are confused about the authenticity of your tactical gear, or training provider using our nomenclature, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for you continued support,
Tony Blauer
Founder & CEO
Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc.

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Thursday, March 24th, 2011

We’ve written about HIGH GEARâ„¢ here on SSD in the past, but this new article published yesterday by ADS tells a lot more of the story about the gear and how it has already been kitted for use as the MACK (Modern Army Combatives Kit) as well as how it can be assembled as a custom solution for any organization conducting combatives training. In addition to the fighting suits, HIGH GEARâ„¢ also offers the Decon Zone Sanitation System which can decontaminate not only your combatives gear but also anything that picks up germs and mildew. We’ve talked about it before and in our opinion, wider use of the Decon Zone would result in a healthier force.

HIGH GEARâ„¢ components are Berry Compliant / Made in USA and produced by London Bridge Trading Company. Agency or unit orders can be handled by ADS Inc.

Make sure you check out the article at to learn about HIGH GEARâ„¢.

High Gear M4 Padding Kit ADS

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

London Bridge has just unveiled a new addition to their popular High Gear line. The M4 Padding Kit was designed for the Special Operations Combatives Program and provides padding to the barrel (including front sight triangle) and forearm which can have sharp edges if it is a modular rail as well as the stock and magazine. That’s right, you can train with your magazine inserted into the magwell so that training replicates real life scenarios.

It is cost prohibitive for military units or other agencies to procure the number of specialty inert weapons to accommodate large-scale combatives training. This new padding set allows you to use your issue weapons without fear of injury to the trainee or damage to the weapon. It makes an excellent addition to already in-service Modern Army Combative Kits (MACK) as well as a supplement to other systems.

LBT M-4 Padding Kit

ADS offers the full line of High Gear products to Government clients.

High Gear Launches Website

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

HIGH GEARâ„¢ training suits and accessories by London Bridge Trading Company, Ltd. are now featured on

We have covered the HIGH GEARâ„¢ line in the past and it includes the Close Quarter Combat Chest Guard, Marking Cartridge Ready helmet, Decon Zone sanitizing system, Martial Arts Chest Protector, Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch Visor and storage bag.

One of the best things about this new site is that it features videos of HIGH GEAR in action, and describes ways to use HIGH GEARâ„¢ to take your scenario-based training to the next level.

HIGH GEARâ„¢ products can also be purchased through ADS via several procurement vehicles.