Level Peaks Delivers EMAGs to UK MoD

In September, Hereford, UK based Level Peaks Associates won the contract to exclusively supply the UK MoD with the MagLevelâ„¢ Magpul EMAGâ„¢ (Export Magazine) for their SA 80A2 rifles. Level Peaks has already delivered the first consignment of 250,000 of the EMAG and is poised to deliver an additional One Million to fulfill the contract.

As part of the UK MoD’s ongoing efforts to reduce the weight carried by the Infantry Soldier, the introduction of the new EMAG is a significant step. The 30 round, 5.56mm EMAG was designed by Magpul specifically for NATO-pattern rifles (M4/C8, M16/C7, SA80, HK 416, etc.). It features a slim, rib-less, anti-snag profile and the front-to-back and side-to-side dimensions have been adjusted from the PKAG to ensure compatibility with as many STANAG 4179 weapons as possible, including most non-Mil-Spec AR15 rifles.

Level Peaks Associates were able to supply the EMAG as a rapidly manufactured and cost effective alternative to in-service metal magazines, offering substantial life cycle cost savings and placing a reduced logistic burden on the Operation HERRICK supply chain. The EMAG is over 40% lighter than the in-service HK steel magazine and represents over a 1kg reduction in combat loads for the British Soldier. Additionally, polymer magazines do not suffer from rust degradation, crushing damage, or dust and sand ingress. Since polymer does not clog, troops do need not clean every round before loading them into the magazine. This potentially reduces the time taken to reload magazines in dust and sand environments.

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