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Finally, Training SAPI Plates

Many are reluctant to conduct training while wearing their issue armor plates for fear of fracturing them. It is also impossible to determine if they are damaged without sophisticated x-ray imaging. Additionally, armor plates are expensive and not easily replaced if they are damaged, especially in a deployed environment. There have been few, if any solutions to this dilemma, until now. Tyr Tactical put up a new product on their website earlier this week. The Ballistic Training Plate features a SAPI cut and while designed specifically for training, is rated to defeat 5.56.

The Ballistic Training Plate is the same size and weight of issue SAPI plates so training will be as realistic as possible. Tyr has colored the plates in bright orange so that there is no doubt that they are intended for training. They are offered in size Small through X-Large. Due to the nature of these plates, purchase is restricted to military, law enforcement, government agencies and firms that support them.



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