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Lotsa New Stuff From S.O.Tech

S.O.Tech has just released several new accessories for their SOCOM issue Mission Go Bag.

Mission Go Bag Flap

Personal Electronics Pouch

Water Bottle Pouch

BLoCS Eye Pro and Admin Hard Case

Everything else is pretty self explanatory, but we have got to say a couple of things about this. It’s an ergonomic glasses case that doubles as an admin pouch. Eyepro is protected by a foam lined hard case. Inside the case are also loops for AA and 123 batteries, a SureFire 6P sized flashlight, and two pens. There are two internal pockets for ear plugs or other items. On the outer face is a fold down window for note cards, ID, or small GPS device. The front of the flap has hook and loop for patches and the bottom of the pouch has two loops for chem lights. One pair of Paladin Shooting Glasses are included with each pouch.

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