LTC Mock SAPI Training Plate ADS Tactical

ADS has begun to offer LTC‘s new SAPI training plates. While you may be unfamiliar with Leading Technology Composites, they are one of the industry leaders in ballistic plates. Unlike other training plates these have no ballistic value but rather are intended to be used solely for situations that do not require protection but where the bulk and weight of plates adds value such as combatives and vehicular crew drills. Ballistic plates can be damaged in training and it is difficult to ascertain if they retain their protective properties without expensive imaging systems. Additionally, some organizations to not have ample supplies of actual ESAPI plates to support both training as well as operations. That’s why training plates are so critical. Training can be accomplished by everyone at no risk to damaging ballistic plates. Naturally, these training plates are Blue and clearly marked for training use. Available in Small – XLarge, side plates and additional sizes are available by special order as well. Unit orders can be supported by

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