Reversible Air Force Rain Suit

According to THY, producer of the suit, it is “Available in a new trademarked six screen camouflage with reverse in a Military Universal ACU pattern (for AFSOC use only) and a solid color brown for consumers.” Truth be told, you can have the UCP.

Developed over two years ago, this camo pattern has only been used by AFSOC. Notice that one side of the reversible suit is Army UCP, when THY first worked on the suit, AFSOC could not get permission from the Clothing Office to print it in Digital Tiger Stripe since there was concern that it might provide competition for the new APECS jackets just coming into the system. So AFSOC figured they’d just as well use UCP as it blends pretty well with DTS.

When it is configured with the green/brown camo out the styling very much mimics the old BDU cut. We have examined a set and two things struck us. It is very lightweight and very tear resistant.

In addition to the rainsuit THY is also releasing a lean-to.

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