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Silynx Updates Website ADS

Silynx has updated their website. They offer a variety of communications solutions and as we reported earlier this year, the C4OPS headset system is fully programmable and is the system of choice for many of world’s most elite forces. Not only does Silynx regularly provide software updates, but they have built a system that can integrate with communications equipment from other vendors. Not only that, but it’s available in MultiCam, so no more big black PTT boxes on your chest.

One of the coolest upgrades to the site is the new “Build Your Own” interface. It allows you to configure a C4OPS system based on your actual requirements.

Silynx has also developed some very useful battery cables for those using the MBITR.

If you are in the market for specialized communication equipment, Silynx has your solution. Don’t forget, ADS can supply the entire Silynx line up to your unit or agency.

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