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More on HyperStealth’s SMARTCAMO

Not long ago we mentioned HyperStealth’s SMARTCAMO unveiled at the international camo symposium in Brussels, Belgium last fall. In our article we referenced a mysterious video that the US military had asked creator HyperStealth to restrict from general viewing. During SHOT Show we were allowed to see the video which demonstrates HyperStealth’s technology. While we are not going to get into the ins and outs of exactly what we saw or its strengths and weaknesses, we will say that HyperStealth successfully demonstrated a fabric technology that had been made into a uniform component and could adjust coloration and intensity based on ambient conditions. While the video did not demonstrate the capability, inventor Guy Cramer stated that the technology would also work in the IR spectrum.

SMARTCAMO is not truly adaptive in that it does not mimic the scene around it ala the camo seen in the “Predator” films. However, it is definitely a step in the right direction although it still needs some further refinement. At this point one of the biggest hurdles is cost. According to Cramer, a uniform with this technology is going to run about $1,000 each. Not good for general purpose forces but right in there for certain specialized applications. Another issue is that it is powered technology so they still need to pair it with a robust battery system that will last an entire mission. And lastly, the system needs a sensor system to detect the background in order to alter the fabric’s shade. While Cramer assured me that they have already worked on these issues, SMARTCAMO does lend itself perfectly to vehicular use due to their onboard power and ability to integrate sensor systems.

One final note. When asked if uniforms manufactured with SMARTCAMO could be laundered without damage, Guy Cramer informed us that not only could they be laundered but that they could also be used for maritime operations.

HyperStealth has informed us that the US Army, US Navy, USSOCOM, the UK MoD and the Canadian DND have asked to participate in a Multinational Effort to develop the SMARTCAMO technology. Additionally, ADS Inc. is partnering with HyperStealth to eventually offer the finalized SMARTCAMO technology to authorized military, governmental, and law enforcement organizations.

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