The RAD Pack from Ares Armor

Ares Armor presents the R.A.D. (Rapid Armor Deployment) Pack. Designed to do exactly what the name implies, the wearer can deploy armor from a storage slot in the pack and deploy a sidearm in less than two seconds. Once we get to the features you will see that one of their main concerns was to keep the features of this pack from betraying its intended purpose. It is important to note that this pack was designed more for civilian concealed carry than for military or LE use although it looks like it will do a great job there as well.

One of the first things you are going to ask is, what armor plates will it accept? According to ARES Armor, it is designed primarily for SAPI cut plates but is fully adjustable to accommodate different sized plates and individuals. However, we have not had our hands on one yet so we are looking forward to feedback from users on how well it handles various plate setups.

Additionally, this isn’t a one trick pony. While it does offer armor protection, it can still be used as a normal pack. Featuring a rear compartment that is fully separated from the plate panel and that is designed for the storage of everyday items, it’s storage capacity is comparable to a normal bookbag-sized pack. There is also PALS webbing on the inside of the storage compartment that allows users to set it up however they choose. The RAD Pack can carry both front and back plates with backers or just soft armor panels.

As you can see in the video, a cable system keeps the front plate panel in place inside the pack. Once the cable is pulled, the plate can be pulled up over the head. not only does this provide immediate protection it also allows access to a chest mounted sidearm.

It comes with a simple universal pistol holster that is attached via PALS webbing into the front plate panel. This is what you pull over your head. There is also PALS webbing covering the entire front of the carrier to allow whatever setup you want or to change out holsters.

In order to maintain the low profile image, there is no PALS webbing or other military/LE/tacticool giveaways on the outside of the pack. Additionally, the colors are very civilian friendly: Black, Black and Grey, Black and Blue, in addition to Black and Red.

Ares Armor left us with this statement about the RAD Pack.

Its not made to turn people into super heroes just to give them an advantage in an unexpected gun fight. (imagine if one of the innocent people at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Arizona the other week etc. were wearing a system like this. Having armor as well as a handgun might have very well given them the bravado to save some lives)

Overall, it looks like a promising design. According to Ares Armor, they are manufacturing the packs themselves and are applying for patents that cover how the pack works. Naturally, this makes them Made in USA. While we aren’t going to delve very deep into this, Ares Armor is collectively owned by several veteran and active duty military members. A big part of their business model is giving back and we will write more on this soon.

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