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The Arc’teryx Wraith

At SHOT Show, along with the Rigger’s Belt, Arc’teryx also debuted the new Wraith. The Wraith is a lightweight clothing solution that can be called upon to accomplish a variety of missions. Using the Twight layering system adopted for PCU, it would be a level 4 (windproof) garment, except with a couple of key differences. Previously, other clothing systems have only offered a top for level 4, whereas Arc’teryx also offers a bottom. Due to the low porosity of the ripstop 40 denier fabric, it is an excellent windproof and offers an enhanced capability to protect not only the torso but also the lower extremities. The bottom design integrates partial side zips to facilitate rapid donning and doffing as well adjustable cuffs and a full front zip for the top. Combined with a low profile hood with stiffened brim, the Wraith is not only well suited for patrols but also for lying up as well as during long, cold, helo, boat, and vehicle transits to an objective.

Additionally, the Wraith is designed for use as an overwhite. Currently offered in two colors; White and Crocodile, the Wraith’s tops and bottoms can be combined based on the environment. For example, a Crocodile top can be combined with a White bottom in the Alpine zone where Evergreens are present in order to further blend in. An interesting feature of the fabric is that it is slightly translucent meaning the colors of the layers beneath are barely visible. This is particularly effective with the white version and means that the Wraith takes on the camo pattern on the clothing worn beneath.

Finally, the Wraith stores in a compact package meaning you can carry it with you if you are wearing civilian clothing and need to apply some quick camouflage. Obviously, the photo below of the Wraith in its integral pouch is not to scale with the other photos above. Aside from being enclosed in the pouch it can be further compressed to smaller than a softball.

The function of overwhites is normally singular in nature and that is to provide very specialized camouflage. But as you can see, the Wraith accomplishes this better by providing more capability than the standard overwhite and also serves as a windproof garment.

Also, Arc’teryx just found out that they will be able to print this fabric and are considering offering the Wraith in MultiCam. This means hasty camouflage will be all the more effective as well as blending seamlessly with issue clothing for troops from any of the numerous countries who have adopted MultiCam.

Available in the standard size range later this year from


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