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Ken Hackathorn & Larry Vickers Special 1911 Centennial Celebration Class

Sponsored by Wilson Combat, the Ken Hackathorn & Larry Vickers Special 1911 Centennial Celebration Class will be Aug 6-8, 2011 in Marietta, Ohio.

Both Ken Hackathorn and Larry Vickers should be household names to SSD readers. Both have earned excellent reputations as World Class firearms trainers and are considered by most as the preeminent 1911 shooters. Larry is also a premier 1911 pistolsmith and his guns garner thousands of dollars in the rare event an owner lets one go.

In addition to Ken Hackathorn and Larry Vickers, the class will feature Guest Speakers; former US Army Marksmanship unit armorer John Miller, and Wayne Novak, Owner of Novak Designs Inc, designer of the world renowned Novak low-mount rear sight. Additionally, Wilson Combat will be on had to hand out prizes to class members.

The schedule is excellent.

Day One:
The 1st day of the class will be spent entirely on the range shooting 1911 specific range drills that highlight the differences of shooting a 1911 vs other handguns and other various handgun drills. Larry and Ken will be alternating the primary instructor position between strings.

Day Two:
The 2nd day of the class will be split between the flat range and the Fort Harmar shoot house. Ken will be handling the shoot house portion working single man movement & approaches, hallways and T intersections, room entry, target discrimination, low light encounters, surgical shooting exercises, etc. Larry will be working the other half of the class on a flat range. At the mid point of the day lunch break the class will swap instructors.

After a full day on the range the class will travel to the Holiday Inn Conference Center for a catered dinner and 1911 seminar.
Ken, Larry, and guest speakers John Miller (U.S. Army Marksmanhip Unit) and Wayne Novak of (Novak’s Inc.) will be hand to discuss the history of the 1911, modern 1911, suggested modifications, upgrades, accessories, etc.

***There will also be many extremely rare & interesting 1911’s on display from personal collections.***

Day Three:
The third day of the class will be spent in the classroom. In this section Ken/Larry will teach detailed disassembly, troubleshooting, recommended and not recommended modifications, and a detailed inspection of each students 1911. If a problem is detected it will be fixed on the spot (if possible). This will give students the knowledge and skills needed to identify and diagnose problems.

Something like this will NEVER happen again. Class seats are limited. Visit here to reserve your place in this event.

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