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More on Beyond’s New Lineup

Last month we gave you a glimpse into Beyond’s new clothing lineup and website. Now, we want to go a bit more in depth on a couple of these designs. Not to take anything away from Beyond’s great designs and excellent fabric choices, literally the most awesome thing about them is that every garment can be manufactured to fit. It’s as good as having a neighborhood tailor who specializes in tactical clothing. What’s more, Beyond now includes women’s styles as well as men’s. A lot of work was put into developing a fit block specifically for the ladies.

Men’s RidgeBack Bib

Designed as a companion piece to the RidgeBack Jacket, the Bib is joined by a Pant as well. It is manufactured from Gore-Tex and features a full bib front and back in addition to generous side zips to facilitate donning and doffing. Additionally, Beyond has added a hip zip for ventilation as well as dual napoleon pockets on the front bib. The entire RidgeBack line is available in Black, Blue, Coyote, and Alpha Green.

Women’s Steel Jacket

Made from Scholler’s WB-400, the Steel Jacket offers slash pockets as well as optional hood and pit zips. This is another first for Women’s clothing. Take a look at these color choices. Molten Red, Lilac, Desert Khaki, Coyote, Brown, Black, White. There are a couple of options in there that are perfect for tactical operations. Beyond Clothing combines state of the art fabrics, with a true women’s fit block and made to measure in tactical colors. What’s not to like?

Beyond Clothing continues to come on strong with new offerings including insulation pieces and hardshells. We can’t recommend the made to order products enough. Sure, they’re expensive, but how often do you get to purchase clothing that fits you exactly like you want and was made specifically for you? In a big box world, you don’t. Visit and their sister site

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